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Staying calm, feeling good, being effective

Exam time can be a pressured time for students, but there is plenty of support, advice and resources on hand to help you stay calm and effective. The Students' Association, CAPOD, Student Services and Nightline have all joined forces to help you.

Follow our bear on a journey from exam stress to calmness:

6 useful things to do before exams

1. View your individual exam timetable, find out where your exams are in plenty of time, and read the exam FAQs, as familiarise yourself with the Academic Matters exam page.

2. Read the guidance from a dietician about how best to fuel yourself for revision and exams: Healthy Eating During Exams (PDF, 363 KB)

3. Read the CAPOD guide about how best to approach revision and find a study space that works for you.  You might want to look at the Revision Toolkit on Moodle.

4. Take a break with exercise, or get out and about 

5. Listen to the exam relaxation MP3 from Student Services, and the guidance about how to handle exam stress.

6. Watch the video below about how exam stress is a normal human reaction


Who's on your team?


(01334 46) 2266 or email at

View the video below.

St Andrews Nightline is a student run confidential and anonymous listening and information service at the University of St Andrews. Run for students by students, we offer both listening and information on the telephone and by email.

A female and male Nightliner are available by phone and by email from 8pm to 7am every night that all halls of residence are open. Our volunteers provide a confidential, anonymous, non-judgmental, non-directive ear for students who just need to talk.

In addition to providing our listening service Nightline volunteers are also on hand to answer any information requests you may have. Whether you’re in need of the location of an obscure exam venue or a taxi number, Nightline volunteers will be able to help you find the information at any hour of the night.

Student Services

Advice and support

(01334 46) 2020 or email

View the video below.

Student Services is the first point of call for students who need help or assistance with a wide range of issues:

Student Services is open from 9am to 7pm (Monday to Friday) during term-time.


Support for students

(01334 46) 2141 or email

View the video below.

CAPOD can help you develop a revision schedule and prepare for exams. You can book a 1:1 appointment with one of our postgraduate tutors, or take any quick queries to our CAPOD drop-in sessions in the main library on Thursday afternoons, 2-5pm.

Students' Association

View the video below.

The Students' Association will be providing a whole range of activities to help you de-stress and stay connected. Watch out for everything from relaxation events to a bubble wrap party. 

Behind this is a dedicated wellbeing committee which works to coordinate effort on a wide range of student wellbeing initiatives.

Additional resources for studying

Useful Apps - available on iOS and Android.

  • StudyBlue: make flashcards out of your notes that you can use to memorise information and test yourself. You can link it to your evernote account as well so everything is in one place.
  • Calcu: a scientific calculator that's a bit more useful than the one your phone comes with. You can set constants other than pi; for example I have Avogadro's Constant and some other stuff.
  • Share Your Board: take high resolution photos of white boards and share them with your classmates
  • Genius Scan: Take PDFs of textbooks etc. for free.
  • My Study Life: manage your deadlines, exams and your University timetable in one place.
  • Study Checker: manage your time better by inputting how long you've studied for and how long you have had a break for.

Useful websites

What do to if you miss an exam?

Guidelines on what to do if you miss an exam, for whatever reason, can be found here.

Remember that you can also contact Student Services for support.  The ASC at 79 North Street will be open throughout the examination period.


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