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Passport to Research Futures workshops


Below are a list of the PRF workshops. Please see the Passport to Research Futures programme guide AY 2018-19 (PDF, 1,358 KB) for event details and to check which workshops must be completed in order to achieve either a University PRF certificate or an ILM certificate. You can book a place on a workshop via PDMS:

Complete 5 core subunits and any 6 optional subunits to gain a University PRF certificate. 

Complete 5 core subunits and 7 ILM subunits to gain an internationally-recognised development award.

Simply complete and submit the online Passport to Research Futures application form to sign up! Once signed up, you will be invited to a programme orientation.

Unit 1 - Programme orientation

Orientation meeting - Core component, arranged after sign-up

Unit 2 – Equality and Diversity

2.1 Diversity in the workplace (online) - Core component

2.2 Unconscious bias training (online) - Core component

Unit 3 – Career futures for research staff

3.1 Career paths for research staff - Core component

3.2 Career planning and self-development - Core component

3.3 Psychometric masterclass - ILM

3.4 Reinventing your career: focus on transitioning into business - ILM

Unit 4 – Raising your research profile

4.1 Getting published - Optional

4.2 Making a movie - ILM

4.3 Networking - ILM

4.4 Managing research information: An introduction to impact, open access, Pure and data management - ILM

4.5 Managing research information: Pure hands-on training - Optional

4.6 Managing research information: Impact in depth - Optional

4.7 Managing research information: Publishing research data - Optional

Unit 5 – Engagement

5.1 Practical public engagement - Optional

5.2 Funny Research: Bright Club stand-up comedy workshop - Optional

5.3 Engaging with the public – schools and public engagement - Optional

5.4 Engaging with the public – working with broadcast media - Optional

Unit 6 – Entrepreneurship & Enterprise

6.1. *NEW* Engaging with Business for St Andrews Researchers: Session 1: The A-Z of business & Session 2: Successful project & Collaboration - ILM
Replacing 'Research and Commercialisation: Working with sponsors and the value of intellectual property'

6.2. *NEW* Engaging with Business for St Andrews Researchers • Session 3: Finding funding for business - ILM
Replacing 'Research and Commercialisation:  Commercialisation explained, evaluating opportunities and markets' 

6.3 Knowledge Exchange and Impact: Intro to KE, discovering pathways to impact - Optional

6.4 Knowledge Exchange and Impact:  Mapping your projects and career to KE - Optional

6.5 Enterprise and Innovation: Entrepreneurs in research – balancing research with starting a business - ILM

6.6 Enterprise and Innovation:  Let’s start a business - ILM

Unit 7: Funding & Financing Research

7.1 Research funding: An introduction - Optional

7.2 Research Funding: How to prepare a competitive research funding application - Optional

Unit 8: Leading the team

8.1 Managing People in Research Teams - ILM

8.2 Recruitment and Selection - ILM

8.3 Leading a research group - ILM

Unit 9: Get the job

9.1 CVs and job applications (academic and non-academic) - ILM

9.2 Interview Skills - ILM

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Diane Munday
Staff Developer (Research Staff)

T: (01334) 46 2241

Marie Paterson
Staff Developer (Research Staff)

T: (01334) 46 2561


Passport to Research Futures Leaflet (PDF, 984 KB)

Passport to Research Futures programme guide AY 2018-19 (PDF, 1,358 KB)

Case Study - Passport to Research Futures (PDF, 269 KB)

PRF Profile: Cicely Macnamara (PDF, 302 KB)

PRF Profile: Ruth Bowness (PDF, 335 KB)

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