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Research Staff

Research Staff play a vital role in the University.  CAPOD provides a wide range of resources, materials and excellent development opportunities for Research Staff informed by the  Researcher Development Framework (RDF) (PDF, 352 KB).

We provide:

  • comprehensive programme of research & transferable skills (e.g. Passport to Research Futures, CoRe skills)
  • suite of online materials & resources (i.e. offers flexible options & enhances development)
  • successful cross-institutional mentoring
  • tailored careers support
  • Research staff are also able to attend relevant GRADskills courses
  • Introductory and more advanced workshops for research staff who teach 


Diane Munday
Staff Developer (Research Staff)


T: (01334) 46 2241

- Passport to Research Futures
- CAPOD funding

Case Study - Passport to Research Futures (PDF, 269 KB)

The University of St Andrews is an institutional member of Vitae (the UK body which champions professional and career development for researchers in HE). This demonstrates our commitment to researcher development and provides us with access to a wide range of resources, events and support for our researcher development activities.

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