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Passport to excellence scheme

This package of events, workshops, training & development activitiesare planned to support staff in excel within their roles.  Images of passports in fan.All passport participants must have discussed their application with their line manager and must have the line-manager's permission & support.  The learning log, which is in the form of a Passport, will be used to record all the training completed and the participant's to record progress.

Passport holders will be given first priority for places on courses.  A limited number of places will be allocated tp those not on a passport programme.

Available passports

For further details on the individual passports, please select one of the following:

Passport to Health and Wellbeing

CAPOD and the University’s Health & Wellbeing Group have worked together to develop a holistic programme to support staff wellbeing.  There are 4 core themes: Mental, Physical, Nutritional and Workplace wellbeing. 


  • Image of the passport.provide a structure and pathway for participants to maximise both mental and physical health;

  • provide participants with a variety of options that they can select from depending on own interests;

  • disseminate key information to help participants keep healthy;

  • encourage participants to take a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle;

  • raise awareness of the importance of physical & mental wellbeing;

  • recognise the importance the University places on staff wellbeing;

  • provide tools to allow staff to monitor own health;

  • facilitate the creation of a network of health and wellbeing ambasssadors raise the profile of St Andrews as a great place to work.

For further information, please visit the Passport to Health and Wellbeing section.

Passport to Administrative Excellence

Staff who are in clerical, secretarial and administrative roles.


  • Build on existing skills and knowledge;

  • Raise awareness of administrative processes across the University;

  • Provide a structured development programme for administrative staff;

  • Develop new skills in a range of related areas;

  • Experience a wide variety of development activities;

  • Choose own direction by selecting a tailored learning programme.

For further information, please visit the dedicated Passport page.

Passport to Estates Cleaning

For Cleaning Staff from Estates.

ObjectivesPassport to Cleaning

  • ‌Deliver key skills training to all Estates Cleaners;

  • Develop confidence in all aspects of the role;

  • Recognise professionalism and achievement.

For further information, please visit the dedicated Passport page.

Passport to Management Excellence

This passport is for new, aspiring and existing managers, who have their own manager's permission to take part in the scheme.


  • Enable Managers to feel confident and competent when managing their teams.

  • Enabling these staff to recognise they are part of a wider management group across the organisation and encouraging them to work cross-functionally.

  • Building on prior learning and knowledge.

  • Creating a group of management mentors to help develop less experienced staff in the future.

  • Constructing a mechanism which can link to Review & Development Scheme actions.

For further information, please visit the dedicated Passport page.


Lynn Neville
Professional staff developer
T: (01334) 46 2561