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Behavioural change

CAPOD runs a wide range of staff events which are usually evaluated and the feedback can be used to help develop/ improve future events.  Event participants are asked at the end of events for their immediate reactions, and we ask them to set objectives at the end of sessions and remind them of these a few weeks later.  The most important outcome is that participants go back to the workplace and actually change something, be it a behaviour, a process, or an attitude.

For this reason we email 6-8 weeks following an event, for specific examples on what behavioural change(s) have occurred since as a result of the event.  The following is a selection of responses received from participants:

  • adobe_photoshop
  • build_tutorial
  • critical_thinking
  • customer_service
  • dementia
  • ease_load_2
  • ease_the_load
  • eating_well
  • effective_lecturing
  • fraud_awareness
  • interviewee_skills
  • move_breathe_relax
  • positive_outcomes
  • psyco
  • reception_skills
  • supervising_staff
  • time_management
  • writing_process