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Academic Staff Development Programme (ASDP)

The Academic Staff Development Programme (ASDP) is a series of focused, bite-sized workshops designed to equip, support and develop members of academic staff and research staff who teach.  Each workshop is offered once per semester / academic year, and draws upon the knowledge, experience and expertise of staff from a variety of schools and units across the University. ‌The ASDP is designed to complement the guidance and mentoring provided within Schools, where appropriate discipline-based support can best be given.

ASDP workshops

A wide range of workshops cover the areas of Teaching, Service and Research.  All workshops that are currently live and available for booking are hyperlinked directly to the University online booking system (PDMS). New workshops are added during the year, so please be sure to check back every so often. 

Core workshops

These workshops are essential for new staff and strongly advised for other academics.



Assessment and feedback

Wed 9 October 2019 (1400-1630)

Wed 19 February 2020 (1400-1630)


Effective lecturing

Wed 16 October 2019 (1400-1630)

Wed 5 February 2020 (1400-1630)


Small group teaching

Wed 13 November 2019 (1400-1630)

Wed 12 Feb 2020 (1400-1600)


Module Design

Wed 20 November 2019 (1400-1630)

Wed 22 April 2020 (1400-1630)


Convening a module

Wed 4 December 2019 (1430-1615)

Wed 6 May 2020 (1430-1615)



PGR Supervisor Training

Thurs 17 October 2019 (1230-1600)

Semester 2 TBC


Managing people in research teams

Tue 26 November 2019 (1400-1700)

Wed 29 April 2020 (1400-1700)


Time management: strategies for busy teachers and researchers

Wed 27 November 2019 (1400-1700)

Wed 15 April 2020 (1400-1700)


Recruitment and selection (academic and research staff

Wed 23 October 2019 (0930-1300)

Fri 14 February 2020 (0930-1300)



Managing Research Information: an introduction to impact, open access, Pure, data management

Wed 23 October 2019 (1400-1600)


Managing Research Information: Pure, hands-on training

Fri 25 October 2019 (1100-1200)

Thu 5 December 2019 (1330-1430)


Managing Research Information: publishing research data

Thu 5 December 2019 (1000-1200)

Managing Research Information: impact in depth

Mon 2 December 2019 (1000-1200)


Please see the Passport to Research Futures - all workshops on this Passport are open to academic staff.

Supplementary workshops

These workshops are recommended for all academics.



Theories of Learning

Wed 18 September 2019 (1400-1600)

Wed 29 January 2020 (1400-1600)


Voice Awareness for Professional Voice Users

Wed 6 November 2019 (1400-1630)

Wed 4 March 2020 (1400-1630)



PhD viva examinations: best practice

Wed 20 November 2019 (1330-1630)

Wed 26 February 2020 (1330-1630)


Resilience in the face of change (Part 1 & 2)

Fri 11 October 2019 — Part 1

Mon 13 January 2020 — Part 1

Thu 23 April 2020 — Part 1

Wed 17 June 2020 — Part 1

Dates TBC— Part 2


Student Mental Health Toolkit for Academic Staff

Fri 11 October 2019 (0930-1530) cancelled - new date TBC

Thu 5 March 2020 (0930-1530)



Mental Health Awareness Training (Heads of School)

Mon 2 September 2019 (0930-1230 & 1330-1630)


ARDS Reviewer Training

Date TBC


Academic Mentoring Networking event

Date TBC—semester 1 (1200-1400)

Date TBC—semester 2 (1200-1400)


Advanced Mentoring for Academics

Date TBC


Board of adjudication—how to contribute effectively

Wed 9 October 2019 (1200-1330) 




Writing Retreat


Date TBC


Please see the Passport to Research Futures - all workshops on this Passport are open to academic staff.

Academic Review meetings - personal development

At each of your Academic Review meetings, your Head of School (HoS) will discuss your personal development with you.  During these meetings, you will have the opportunity to highlight and discuss the workshops you would like to participate in.   Once agreed with your HoS, please book your place on the workshop(s) using the University online booking system (PDMS):

Contribute your knowledge and experience through the ASDP

Imange of a man reaching to the camera with open hand.Passionate about being an academic? Would you welcome the opportunity to share your passion and expertise with others?

Most of our workshops are delivered 'in-house' by staff who have experience & knowledge in specific areas.  We welcome new ideas / topics that can help support and develop academics, and are always looking to increase our pool of facilitators to deliver workshops. If you are interested, please contact:  Dr Rikard Jalkebro (Academic Staff Developer):


Dr Rikard Jalkebro
Academic Staff Developer

Tel: (01334) 467179

Additional support

Academic Staff Development Programme (AY2019-20) (PDF, 301 KB)

- ID5101/02 Modules
HEA-accredited (scroll to bottom of page)

- Mentoring schemes
- Academic review and development

New to the University?

- University staff induction
- Online induction resources