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Research Postgraduate Student Development Fund

This fund will continue to operate in AY2019-20.

Research postgraduates (PhD, MPhil, DLang, EngD, MSc (Res) and MSt (Res))  

Funding maximum per academic year £150

Description of Funding

The Research Student Development fund enables postgraduate students to attend workshops or events that provide generic, transferable skills development that will benefit them in a wide range of future careers, eg communication skills, outreach, digital literacy, statistics, working with the media, etc.

The funding does not cover attending (inter)disciplinary conferences/symposia, even to present one's research (unless there are also transferable skills development workshops on offer), training in highly subject-specific skills (eg electron microscopy, art restoration) or training that is fundamental to a student's PhD.  In the "Reason for attending" applicants should focus on how attending the event will benefit them after their PhD, to emphasise the transferable skills aspect.

Application agreement

By submitting a completed funding application to CAPOD, you are entering into an agreement confirming that you have read, understood and agree to abide by the conditions and procedures outlined on this page.  This includes the completion and submission of a Final Report to CAPOD.  Funding for successful applications will be awarded ‘in principle’ and will not be released until the report has been received.

CAPOD funding application guidelines

  • CAPOD must receive applications at least five working days prior to the start of the event for which funding is requested. Note that we are unable to allocate funds retrospectively.
  • In the first instance all costs should be paid by either yourself or the School.
  • No funding is released until after the event and the receipt of the final report.
  • Costs for travel & accommodation may be estimated if necessary; however CAPOD will pay actual costs no greater than a total of £150.
  • Limits to allocations: No more than five applications per School for the same event.
  • All claims must be completed by 31st July of the current academic year
  • Applications for support are considered on a case by case basis, as they are received.
  • The fund will be available until the current year's allocation has been expended.  There is no guarantee that you will receive the full amount applied for.
  • No individual may claim more than £150 in a given academic year.
  • Applications will usually be processed within 48 hours of receipt; you will receive an email with the outcome and, if approved, instructions on claiming your award.
  • The applicant must make all purchases up front, and keep all receipts (eg travel, registration fees).
  • Original receipts are required in order to claim the funds awarded.

How to apply

  • Log into the University’s  MySaint portal
  • Select the “My applications” tab in the blue menu bar near the top of the page, on the new page find the box headed "e:Vision applications" then click the header Scholarships and funding. A list of new links will appear: click "View the scholarships and funding catalogue".  On the next screen, from the "Award type" dropdown menu select "Travel" and then Research Postgraduate Student Development Fund (PhD MPhil)
  • Complete the questions on the online form
  • You must demonstrate you have the approval of your supervisor by uploading an approval email from your authoriser.  An email approval template can be found at: email approval template for CAPOD funding (Word, 11 KB)
  • Submit the online form

All recipients are required to submit a CAPOD Funding report template (Word, 37 KB) to CAPOD and your authoriser in conjunction with a completed claim form and all relevant receipts.

Travel purchase options

  • DP&L (University's preferred agent)
  • Independent agent OR self-book online

If you are unsure about the funding, having trouble understanding or have some queries, please feel free to contact the CAPOD Office: (01334) 467157 /