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Submission Outcomes

The Judging Panel will review applications three times in the year. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their submission approximately one month after the application deadline. The project title and outline of successful applicantions will be posted onto the CAPOD website, along with the completion report (completed 1 month after project end).  The Completion reports are compulsary.  By accepting the sum awarded you have agreed to the conditions of the grant to provide a final report, which will be presented to the Provost.

Unsuccessful applicants will be able to resubmit their project proposal once at a later date if they so wish.

Payment of grants

Payment of grants will be made via Schools or University Units. Applicants will be required to identify a member of academic staff (e.g. their supervisor, School Administrator) within their School/Unit who can act as the budget holder of their grant. It is the budget holder's responsibility to arrange a cost centre and analysis code into which the grant can be paid. Further details for payment will be given in the awards letter received.

Change of circumstances

If any change is required to the project plan you submitted as part of your application (eg a change to the proposed date for a workshop due to the availability of the presenter), you must inform CAPOD by email at to seek permission to use the awarded funds in a new manner.

Compulsory Completion Report

To be completed within one month after end of project.  Please include the following within the Completion: GRADskills Innovation Grant / PG Conference report (Word, 41 KB):

  • Outcomes from the project:
    • Training resources,
    • Development activity implemented,
    • How successful in achieving its goals.
  • Photographs (if available);
  • Any web links (if available);
  • Any other resources connected to the project outcome.

Please note: the submitted report and resources will be published on the CAPOD website (and possibly St Leonards Newsletter) to help future applicants formulate proposals.

Contact details

Dr Heather McKiggan-Fee
PG Researcher Developer 
Hebs Block
St Salvator's Quad
T: (01334) 462334


- Submission Outcomes
- Successful projects

- Completion: GRADskills Innovation Grant / PG Conference report (Word, 41 KB)
(To be completed, & returned, within 1 month of project end.  See notes.)

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