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Online Training courses (Epigeum)

If you are unable to fit face-to-face workshops into your schedule, why not try the free, interactive online training materials from Epigeum to which CAPOD subscribes? This lets you study whenever and wherever suits you best.  There are three different course programmes available for different cohorts of staff and students, as indicated below.  Each link will take you to a new page with more details on that particular programme.

How to apply for access

Application forms are available on the respective programme pages. Applications can be submitted at any time and are reviewed by CAPOD staff as they are received. There are a limited number of licenses for each programme – once those are all allocated, access to that particular programme will close.

You will normally be informed of the outcome of your application by email within two weeks. If your application is approved, you will then receive an email explaining how to access the Epigeum online learning website to complete your courses.

What users say…

“It’s great for students not living on campus and not being able to always attend workshops etc., this way you can do it in your own time, particularly interesting for part-time students.”

"Its variation of activities and usefulness of the information. It was pitched at a comfortable level, and the interactive sections were most enjoyable."

"It was a very stimulating combination of reading, listening and doing, and I very much liked the video clips. They made the course seem more personal. It was very interesting to hear the different (but mainly coinciding) views of the people being interviewed. Skillfully varied presentation. Good course materials and examples. Direct, sensible, useful."


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Courses available

- University & College Teaching
- Skills for Research Leaders
- Research Skills Masters

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