St Andrews Lean Consulting

St Andrews Lean Consulting helps organisations optimise their processes to create better value for their customers.

Lean consultants provides bespoke training, practical support, and guidance to organisations at different stages of their growth. They help organisations assess the commercial potential of their ideas. They support teams to improve processes, transfer skills and change culture within organisations.

What is Lean?

Lean is a method which uses a range of tools and initiatives to improve:

  • customer service
  • quality
  • efficiency
  • staff morale.

The Lean approach is founded on an intimate understanding of business processes, governance structures and organisational behaviours. Find out more about what Lean is.

Working with Lean

The Lean team has extensive experience of working with higher education institutes and private sector organisations around the globe, including law firms and philanthropic foundations.

Lean Consulting uses the unique St Andrews model, which has been developed in St Andrews over the past 10 years, and tried and tested in different industries. The St Andrews model is an eight-step approach to process improvement. In each stage, St Andrews consultants transfer their knowledge and experience of Lean so that all staff can continue to implement Lean thinking in their work.

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