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Access and Training

Staff can request access to an existing dashboard by emailing and stating the name of the dashboard. Training is provided on request by contacting the dashboard owners listed below.

Please note, for access to or training for finance dashboards, users should contact their Financial Advice and Support (FAS) Team.

Guide Summary
QlikView Cheat Sheet (PDF, 203 KB) A quick-start guide for QlikView beginners
Sharing_Bookmarks_in_QlikView (PDF, 175 KB) How to bookmark selections and share them with other users
Dashboard Owner User Guide
Academic Monitoring planningstats Guide (PDF, 1,535 KB) 
Admissions Recruitment planningstats Guide (PDF, 1,347 KB)
Application Reports planningstats Guide (PDF, 1,657 KB)
Application Reports V3 planningstats Guide (PDF, 864 KB)
Casual Staff Directory qlikview-hr Guide (PDF, 562 KB)
Credit Cards FAS Guide (PDF, 952 KB) 
Crisis Management qlikview-hr Guide (PDF, 611 KB)
Detail Codes FAS Guide (PDF, 466 KB)
Estates sm46 Guide (PDF, 857 KB)
Finance Budget Monitoring* FAS Guide (PDF, 2,096 KB)
Finance Customers FAS Guide (PDF, 466 KB)
Fund Management aj20 Guide (PDF, 1,380 KB)
Graduate Destinations planningstats Guide (PDF, 1,016 KB)
HESA jsa23 Guide (PDF, 1,615 KB)
HOSDOR FAS Guide (PDF, 971 KB)
Information Audit cm230  
Library Sentry gh30 Guide (PDF, 910 KB)
Operational Accounts FAS Guide (PDF, 448 KB)
Payroll Analysis wfr Guide (PDF, 1,331 KB)
Procurement Data Profiling apnl1 Guide (PDF, 1,023 KB)
Purchase Order Management apnl1 Guide (PDF, 1,291 KB)
Raisers Edge nt10 Guide (PDF, 1,052 KB)
Research Grants FAS Guide (PDF, 1,948 KB)
Research Information ris Guide (PDF, 1,428 KB)
Research Strategic Planning FAS Guide (PDF, 550 KB)Guide (PDF, 550 KB)Guide (PDF, 550 KB)Guide (PDF, 550 KB)Guide (PDF, 550 KB)
SID Finance afb2 Guide (PDF, 641 KB)
Staff Complement qlikview-hr Guide (PDF, 661 KB)
Staff Data Analysis qlikview-hr Guide (PDF, 1,453 KB)
Staff Directory qlikview-hr Guide (PDF, 431 KB)
Staff Survey JSA23 Guide (PDF, 1,145 KB) 
Student Data Analysis planningstats Guide (PDF, 2,101 KB)
Student Services pt28  
Study Abroad Analysis planningstats Guide (PDF, 1,097 KB)
Taught Modular FTE planningstats Guide (PDF, 585 KB)
Unidesk prb9 Guide (PDF, 2,275 KB)
Uniprint ict-purchasing Guide (PDF, 1,459 KB)

*Help with finance related terms can be found in the Guide (PDF, 546 KB)




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