Biomedical Sciences Research Complex

BSRC mass spectrometry and proteomics facility

The BSRC mass spectrometry and proteomics facility is located on level 1 of the BSRC annex. The facility is dedicated to providing a comprehensive mass spectrometry service focusing on proteins and peptides. The instrumentation for this facility is funded by the Wellcome Trust. We are always happy to discuss collaborations with researchers from universities outwith St Andrews. See the mass spectrometry and proteomics facility website for contact details.

BSRC imaging suite

The imaging suite is situated on the ground floor of the BSRC Annex and comprises rooms B104, B105, B106 and B122. It houses four microscope systems: an epi-fluorescent Zeiss Axioplan 2, a wide-field fluorescence DeltaVision light microscope, a Leica LCS SL confocal and a Zeiss Pascal 510 confocal. Room B122 is reserved for the processing of images and includes two processing stations with image analysis software. To book any of these microscopes, please use the online booking system. A key is required to access the imaging rooms; the key can be obtained from Jill McVee (BMS Building, level 2).