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BSRC Conferences

Each year BSRC scientists organise a number of independent workshops, meetings and courses. Details of past and future events can be found below.

Note that details of forthcoming events in BSRC can be found on the Events page.

St Andrews Virology Workshop 2015

In celebration of honorary degrees to Prof. Sir John Skehel and Prof. Rob Webster

Thursday 25th June 2015, venue to be confirmed.


9.30 - 10.00 Professor David Evans

Mechanistic insights into enterovirus recombination.


10.00 - 10.30 Dr Jens Tilsner (University of St Andrews)

Push on through to the other side – how to get a few MDa through a plant cell wall.


10.30 - 11.00 Professor Rick Randall (University of St Andrews)

What human primary immunodeficiencies can tell us about how viruses interact with the interferon system.


11.20 - 11.50  Professor Paul Digard (University of Edinburgh)

Accessory genes in influenza A virus.


11.50 - 12.10  Dr David Hughes (University of St Andrews)

Interplay between viruses and the ubiquitin-like protein system


12.10 – 12.30  Professor Garry Taylor (University of St Andrews)

A universal preventative for all strains of influenza?


12.30 - 1.00 Dr Michael Nevels (University of St Andrews)

Chromatin control of human cytomegalovirus infection.


2.00 - 2.30 Professor Richard Elliott (University of Glasgow)

Bunyavirus-host interactions.


2.30 - 2.50 Dr David Jackson (University of St Andrews)

Antiviral mechanisms of MxA.


2.50 – 3.10 Dr Cathy Adamson (University of St Andrews)

Exploring viral interferon antagonists as novel antiviral drug targets.


3.10 - 3.40 Professor Martin Ryan (University of St Andrews)

Positive thinking: translational FMDV research.


4.00 – 5.00 Sir John Skehel and Professor Rob Webster

The continuing threat of influenza.


BSRC Symposium 2013: 

One year of BSRC – 600 Years of St Andrews

This symposium took place on Wednesday 22nd May 2013 to celebrate the first year of the new BSRC building, and 600 years of the University of St Andrews. The programme for the afternoon is shown below.

External view of new BSRC annex in June 2011



13.30 - 14.25 Complex organic synthesis made simple

Professor Varinder Aggarwal FRS, School of Chemistry, University of Bristol, UK.

14.25 - 15.20 RNA splicing at the centre of gene expression

Professor Jean Beggs CBE FRSE FRS, University of Edinburgh, UK.

15.20 - 15.40 Tea and coffee

15.40 - 16.35 Cell invasion by influenza

Professor Sir John Skehel FRS, MRC

16.35 - 17.30 Normal and unusual decoding in the ribosome

Professor Sir Venki Ramakrishnan FRS, MRC-LMB, Cambridge, UK.

 BSRC building image



Fifth International Workshop on Interferon and Infection

The Fifth International Workshop on Interferon and Infection took place at the University of St Andrews from June 9 - 11, 2011, organised by Professor Rick Randall. See full details of this event, including programme details.