To maintain consistency across all printed communications, two typefaces have been chosen to support our visual language.

Primary typeface

Palatino is the University's primary typeface. It is used for the text in the University logo and should mainly be used for large and small headings.

The equivalent typeface on PCs is either Palatino Linotype or Book Antiqua.

The common equivalent typeface available on all computers is Georgia.


Secondary typeface

The Myriad Pro family of typefaces should be used for body copy and captions. This font family has a contemporary appearance and is easy to read.

The range offers scope for typographic design and enables us to create a distinctive house style.

The common equivalent typeface available on all computers is Arial.

For PowerPoint presentations and Word templates, Georgia and Arial must be used as these typefaces are readily available on both PC and Mac.


Web fonts

For University web pages, there are two main typefaces used: PT Sans and PT Serif.

Both are freely available from Google Fonts.

For further information on typefaces used for web pages, please see the digital pattern library.

If you require any of the specific fonts listed, please contact Print and Design by emailing