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Research Clusters

The School of Art History supports an active and dynamic research community. Staff, postdoctoral researchers, and postgraduate students organise colloquia and conferences, invite guest lecturers, run regular seminars and events, and publish journals including The North Street Review. There are currently five formal research clusters that bring together the research and activities of staff and post-graduates across the School. Members of these clusters collaborate on reading groups, events and discussions, and work with staff and students from other Schools, Centres and Institutes in the University.  

Word and Image

The Word and Image research cluster explores the relationships between written and visual representation, and literary-visual exchanges. We have particular strengths in two distinct areas: word and image relations during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in France, Britain and Ireland, and the arts of the book. The latter area encompasses a range of time periods and geographies, from the Netherlandish to the Islamic. Members regularly collaborate with the St Andrews Institute for Mediaeval Studies, the Institute for Iranian Studies, and the Centre for Anatolian and East Mediterranean studies.

Transnationalism and Artistic Exchange

With staff and students teaching and researching across multiple geographies, including Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America, the Transnationalism and Artistic Exchange cluster considers issues of translation, interaction and circulation in relation to post-colonialism and globalisation. Associated projects include Dr Karen Brown’s major EU-LAC-MUSEUMS initiative, a multi-region research programme between institutions in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Art and Technology

We have particular research strengths in lens-based media, especially photography, from the nineteenth century to the contemporary, as well as a number of staff working on the relationship between art and science. The School is currently home to the journal History of Photography, and research events have included hosting the annual History of Photography lecture. This cluster complements the excellent photographic and rare books Special Collections holdings at St Andrews.

Medieval and Early Modern

The School of Art History has long been an established centre of expertise on Medieval, Early Modern and Renaissance art. Staff members and students working on these topics meet regularly for readings groups and discussion, and collaborate with the St Andrews Institute for Medieval Studies on multiple events and conferences.

Modern and Contemporary

A large number of staff and students work on art and visual culture in the modern and contemporary period, making this a lively and diverse area of activity. The School is home to the Boswell Collection of Scottish Art, and the Contemporary Art in Scotland sub-group (part of Tate’s British Art Network), while our graduate research seminars regularly feature presentations by contemporary artists.

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