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School of Art History - Museum and Gallery Studies

Student exhibitions

As part of their Project Work the full-time students, working in teams, are required to create a public exhibition. These take place in the Gateway Gallery, the St Andrews Museum, and other venues including The Scottish Fisheries Museum at Anstruther and an off-site exhibition around the town.

2016 Exhibitions

2014 Exhibitions

2010 Exhibitions

Turn the Corner
St Andrews

Turn the Corner exhibition poster, 2010

The Parrot and the Polymath
Gateway Gallery

The Parrot and the Polymath exhibition poster, 2010

Are You Being Served?
St Andrews Museum

Are You Being Served? - Exhibition poster, 2012

2009 Exhibitions

Instruments of Interpretation, 2009

In Pursuit of Knowledge, 2009

2008 Exhibitions

Sketches from Life, 2008

2006 Exhibitions

2005 Exhibitions

2004 Exhibitions

Crawford Arts Centre

Pressing Forward, 2004

2003 Exhibitions

2002 Exhibitions

2001 Exhibitions

2000 Exhibitions

1999 Exhibitions

Crawford Arts Centre

1998 Exhibitions

Bats, Balls & Bows, 1998

1995 Exhibitions

1994 Exhibitions

Cover Story
Crawford Arts Centre

Cover Story, 1994

In Residence
Crawford Arts Centre

In Residence, 1994

1993 Exhibitions

Elegy to the Scottish Landscape, 1993

Elegy to the Scottish Landscape 2

1992 Exhibitions

A window on the Society of Scottish Artists, 1992

1991 Exhibitions

Furnished by the Imagination, 1991

1990 Exhibitions

Crawford Arts Centre

Out in the Open, 1990