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Art History Research News, September-October 2017

Tuesday 19 December 2017

Art History Research News, September-October 2017

Dr. Stephanie O'Rourke gave a lecture titled 'Caspar David Friedrich and the Geological Sublime' at the World Art Research Seminar at the University of East Anglia in October.  

Dr Sam Rose gave a paper at the symposium 'The Idea of "Global Modernism"' (University of California at Berkeley, 20-21 October). 

Dr Natalie Adamson published 'Herbert Read, the École de Paris and Art Criticism, c.1946', in Art History 40/4 (September 2017), pp. 904-927.  

Prof Kathryn M. Rudy (Kate) gave a talk by invitation at the University of Michigan on 29 September 2017. The title was 'Eating the Face of Christ, and Other Ways of Interacting with Medieval Manuscripts'.  At the Bibliography Among the Disciplines conference, supported by Rare Book School and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (Philadelphia, 12-15 October 2017), she participated in two sessions: she moderated one called Image Transmission & Transfer, and spoke in one called The Social Life of Books: Uses of Text & Image Beyond Reading & Viewing. 

Kate has been awarded £20,000 from the Official Development Assistance (ODA) programme, which is part of the UK Strategy for the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF), for her project, ‘Sustainable Futures for International Craft Traditions’. She will work with Judy Frater, the Founder Director of the successful Somaiya Kala Vidya (SKV) Artisan-to-Artisan Program, with the intent of spreading the model beyond its home-base in Gujarat. They will meet community members in Rajasthan and Punjab (India), Oaxaca (Mexico), and Vietnamto expand the program in these areas. On 21 October she gave a talk called 'Crafted Objects, Emotion, and Sustainability' at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas, whose annual theme was India. The talk included a weaving demonstration on an 8-shaft loom.  

Dr Karen Brown and Mr Jamie Brown have been awarded £20,000 from the SFC GCRF fund to pursue their project Community Craft and Culture in Costa Rica community and eco-museums, working with local groups to establish their first on-line sales of local artisan goods. They have built a Facebook page for the project.  

In this period Karen has presented on the EU-LAC-MUSEUMS project on three occasions:  

1. at the CARIFESTA XIII Symposium entitled The Caribbean, the Arts and the Cultural Industries: Negotiating Tradition, Aesthetics, Economics and Legacy in Barbados. It involved a round table on community museums together with curators and academics from Barbados, Jamaica and Guyana;  

2. at the ICOFOM / ICOM-LAC / ICOFOM-LAM conference The Politics and Poetics of Museology in Havana, Cuba (together with a presentation by PhD student Kate Keohane);  

3. at the Museum Association of the Caribbean conference Transcending Boundaries in Miami (together with Computer Scientists Alan Miller, Catherine Cassidy, and the founder of MAC, Alissandra Cummins). She also gave a paper called 'Museology vs Museum Studies: the politics of museum pedagogy in history, theory and practice', in Havana. 

Dr Catherine Spencer gave a paper titled 'Networked Histories: Systems Art in "Latin America"' at the conference Teaching and Writing the Art Histories of Latin American Los Angeles, organized by the Art Historians of Southern California and the Getty Research Institute in October. Catherine was also a respondent at the event 'The Social Reproduction of Feminist Art History', organized by Collective and Edinburgh College of Art.  

Dr Elsje van Kessel gave a paper titled 'The Street as Frame' at the conference Collections, Displays, and the Agency of Objects (University of Cambridge, 20-23 September 2017). On 23 October 2017, she gave an invited talk at CHAM – Center for the Humanities, Lisbon, introducing her Leverhulme project 'Stolen Ships and Globalisation: Asian Material Culture in Europe c. 1600'. 

Ms Annette Carruthers has an essay entitled ‘Darning, Dyeing and Embroidery: May Morris at Melsetter’, in L. Hulse (ed.), May Morris: Art & Life: New Perspectives, Friends of the William Morris Gallery, London, 2017, pp. 111-129. ISBN 978 1910 885 529. It discusses May Morris's visits to Orkney and the interest this inspired in her in the revival of hand-spinning and its practice as a social activity in rural communities. 

This book is based on the proceedings of a very successful conference held at the William Morris Gallery (WMG) in Walthamstow in 2016. It was published on 6 October to accompany an exhibition, May Morris: Art and Life, which will remain on display at the WMG until 28 January 2018. Providing a reassessment of the work of this important Arts and Crafts designer-maker, the exhibition includes watercolours, designs, textiles, jewellery and dress. Also on show are numerous photographs and archive materials, illuminating a life that has often been overshadowed by the reputation of her famous father. 

Dr Camilla Mørk Røstvik started her Early Career Leverhulme Fellowship about menstruation and visual culture on 1 September 2017. She published two articles in NyttNorskTidsskrift: one about the politics of academic publishing (no 4/2017); and one about Rosalind Franklin (no5/2017). Camilla has started a Feminist Reading Group at the University, and is active in organising an Early Career Women's network. Finally, she attended the St Andrews launch of position paper about publishing in October 2017, 'Untangling Academic Publishing' (published May 2017), which sheco-authored.  

Dr Agnès Bos gave a paper titled 'The Doors of the Chapel of the Castle of Bâtied'Urfé' at the Workshop held by the University of Liège in the Castle of Bâtied'Urfé (Loire, France) in September. On 17 October 2017, she gave a talk titled 'Late Gothic Churches in Paris and the question of "Renaissance Gothic" in France' at the MSc AHT Seminar Series Architectural History and Theory at the Edinburgh College of Art. 

Dr Julian Luxford gave a paper entitled ‘Ways of Seeing Late Medieval Art’ to the British Archaeological Association at the Society of Antiquaries of London, 4 October 2017. His guide to St Augustine's Abbey at Canterbury has also been published recently (English Heritage Guidebooks, 2017: 40pp. ISBN 9781910907160).


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