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Art History Research News, May-August 2017

Dr Anthi Andronikou (St Andrews PhD 2016) has published 'Visual Anachronisms in Context: Religious Painting in Venetian Cyprus and Medieval Bolognese Manuscripts' in Artibus et Historiae, no. 75 (XXXVIII), 2017, pp. 9–31.

Dr Natalie Adamson was an Associate Researcher at the Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, on the project "Americans in Paris", curated by John Tain in Special Collections, and a visiting researcher at the Sam Francis Foundation and Huntingdon Library, Pasadena, 5 July-7 August. Material Imagination: Art in Europe, 1946-72, edited and introduced by Natalie Adamson and Steven Harris, was published by Wiley-Blackwell, with essays by Natalie ('Black Flowers Blossom: Bachelard, Soulages and the Material Imaginary of Abstract Painting'), Karen Kurczynski, Alex Kitnick, Marin R. Sullivan, Jill Carrick, Anna Dezeuze, Sarah E. James, and Alistair Rider.

Dr Sam Rose published an essay, 'The Fear of Aesthetics in Art and Literary Theory', in the recent issue of New Literary History

Sam also gave talks in British Columbia ('From modernism to postmodernism and back again'), Reading ('After the Victorian art periodical'), and Amsterdam ('Post-impressionism: Modern art between universal and global').

Thanks to a project within the School, three decades' worth of Prof. Robert Hillenbrand's articles about Islamic art history have been digitised and are now available online.

Dr Linda Goddard and Dr Stephanie O'Rourke co-organised, together with Dr Sarah Easterby-Smith of the School of History, a two-day symposium, Visualising Learning in France, c.1500-1830, with external funding from the Society for French Studies and the British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies.

Linda published the essay 'Cubism and Silence' in The Cubism Seminars, ed. Harry Cooper (CASVA / Yale University Press, 2017).

Dr Sam Rose was confirmed as a co-chair for panels at the 2018 conferences of the College Art Association (‘Autonomy and the 1960s’) and the Association of Art Historians (‘Contemporary Art Histories’). For further details and to apply to give a paper, check the CAA and AAH websites or email Sam directly.

Dr Elsje van Kessel was a visiting scholar at the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, Lisbon, from 6 to 23 June, in order to examine paintings by Francesco Guardi. On 22 June she gave a talk to curators and the public titled 'Guardi's Ascension Day Paintings and the History of Display'.

Dr Luke Gartlan has co-edited with Roberta Wue (UC Irvine) a volume of essays Portraiture and Early Studio Photography in China and Japan (Routledge 2017). He co-authored the introduction and contributed the essay ‘Shimizu Tōkoku and the Japanese Carte de Visite: Circumscriptions of Yokohama Photography’. His book A Career of Japan has also recently been reviewed in

Dr Catherine Spencer's article 'Acts of Displacement: Lea Lublin’s Mon fils, May ’68, and Feminist Psychosocial Revolt' was published in the spring special issue of the Oxford Art Journal on 'Feminist Domesticities', edited by Dr Jo Applin and Dr Francesca Berry. At the end of May she presented on her research at the conference Border Control: On the Edges of American Artat Tate Liverpool. She also wrote a catalogue essay to accompany the exhibition Robert Mallary: The New Mexico Reliefs 1957-1958 by the Mayor Gallery at Frieze New York in May. 

Dr Ilse Sturkenboom has co-edited with Prof Markus Ritter (University of Vienna) the volume Beiträge zur Islamischen Kunst und Archäologie Band 5 (Reichert 2017), which is a series published by the Ernst Herzfeld Society for Islamic Art and Archaeology. Ilse's chapter 'Links in a Chain of Transfer: Pictorial and Textual Images of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba in the Manṭiq al-Ṭayr' appears on pp. 70–97 of the same volume.

Dr Kathryn Rudy (Kate), together with her PhD student Emily Savage, spoke at 'Teaching the Codex II: further thoughts on the pedagogy of palaeography and codicology', held at Oxford University on 6 May. Together with Stephanie Azzarello (Cambridge), she organized a conference called Layers of Parchment, Layers of Time: Reconstructing Manuscripts 800-1600 on 23 June at Pembroke College, Cambridge. The event drew 50 participants and involved a pop-up exhibition of fragments from Cambridge University Library (thanks to Suzanne Paul).

Kate will give the keynote at a conference in Vienna on 31 August and will speak in Salzburg in September. In a ceremony to be held in Utrecht in September, she will present her book, Rubrics, Images, and Indulgences to the book's dedicatee, Prof. Paul Wackers. She will moderate a session titled 'Materials of Image Transmission & Transfer' at the Rare Book School-Mellon Conference, to take place in Philadelphia in October 2017.

Her book Piety in Pieces has been reviewed in Choice(1 July 2017).

Art History Research News, March-April 2017  

Dr Karen Brown and PhD student Kate Keohane facilitated a series of intergenerational workshops with community elders and school children in remote community museums in the islands of Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica in January, alongside 3D scanning by computer scientists to digitize local 'community icons' ranging from iron objects once worn by slaves, to a giant tortoise! The results shall be edited and online soon.   

Dr Brown willpresent'Migration + Memory = Museums' at the St Andrews Cultural Memory Research Group workshop 25-26 May. She will alsogive a paper titled 'Museums Without Walls and the ICOM Definition of the Museum' to the international conference 'Définir le musée du XXiesiècle'to beheld in La Sorbonne nouvelle, 9-11 June. This conference will contribute to an international and multi-lingual movement led by ICOFOM to re-define the museum. Other locations planned include Rio de Janeiro, Iran, China, and Malaysia. The English language symposium will be hosted here in St Andrews on Saturday 24 November 2017 in Upper College Hall. 

Three book-chapters by Julian Luxford have been published in the last few months:  

‘Sacred Kingship, Genealogy and the Late Medieval Roodscreen: Catfield and Beyond’, in Art and Science of Medieval Roodscreens, ed. S. Bucklow, R. Marks and L. Wrapson (Woodbridge, 2017), 100-22 

‘The Medieval Maces of the University of St Andrews’, in Medieval St Andrews: Church, Cult, City, ed. M. Brown and K. Stevenson (Woodbridge, 2017), 298-330 

‘Benedictine Art and Architecture c.1050-c.1150: Aspects of Ideology’, in Places of Worship in Britain and Ireland 950-1150, ed. P. S. Barnwell, Rewley House Studies in the Historic Environment 4 (Donington, 2016), 43-64 

Dr Alistair Rider has written an essay and catalogue entries for a publication to accompany the exhibition ‘Minimal Art from the Marzona Collection’, which will be held at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac in London (28th April – 29th July 2017).   

Dr Luke Gartlan has recently delivered two invited papers: 'Shimizu Tōkoku and the Japanese carte de visite' at the conference Photography in Bakumatsu Japan, held at the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Tokyo (March 26); and 'Vision in Doubt: Arctic Photography, Victorian Geology, and its Anglo-American Debates', at Photo Archives VI: The Place of Photography, held at Christ Church, University of Oxford (April 21).  

Luke has also published an essay (in Japanese translation) on the photographer Uchida Kuichi in Shirarezaru Nihon shashinkaitakushi / Dawn of Japanese Photography: The Anthology, ed. Tokyo Photographic Arts Museum, Tokyo: Yamagawashuppansha 2017, 209-217. 

Dr Linda Goddard gave a paper, 'Reading the Life Writings of Women Artists', at the annual conference of the Association of Art Historians in Loughborough. 

Linda also presented her current research on the writings of Paul Gauguin to the St Andrews branch of the Franco-Scottish Society. 

Dr Elsje van Kessel was awarded a Leverhulme Research Fellowship for her project 'Stolen Ships and Globalisation: Asian Material Culture in Europe c. 1600'. She will be working on the project fulltime from September 2017 to August 2018. 

Furthermore, Elsje's monograph was published: The Lives of Paintings: Presence, Agency and Likeness in Venetian Art of the Sixteenth Century (De Gruyter).  

Elsje also chaired thepanel 'Collecting and Displaying Art' at the annual conference of the Renaissance Society of America in Chicago. 

Dr Kathryn Rudy (Kate) has been awarded a Paul Mellon Senior Research Fellowship to write a book provisionally titled Physical Interactions with the Manuscript: Communities and Reader/Viewers in Late Medieval England. She will conduct research for this project during the 2017-18 academic year in London and Oxford.  The St Andrews Impact and Knowledge Exchange Fund has awarded her £1846.00 to write a proposal to make her current research (on rubbing, kissing, and touching books) available to the public as an exhibition.  

Kate has also won a Neil Ker award from the British Academy to finish a book about how prints embellished manuscripts in the fifteenthcentury, became detached in the  nineteenth and can be virtually reassembled in the twenty-first. This follows previous funding from the same organisation  Finally, she won the Ideas Explosion at the University of St Andrews for her small business called Industrial Revolutions, for which she is working with a textile machinery factory to build an exercycle that is also a loom, with the aim of creating a gym where people can work out while producing cloth. 

Kate accepted an invitation to participate in 'Methodological innovation inlate-medieval studies', the inaugural workshop for a project awarded an ERC Advanced Grant on Music and Late Medieval European Court Cultures. The principle investigator is Karl Kügle.The workshop, which took place at Wadham College, Oxford, gathered a range of international speakers who engage in methodologically innovative work. Kate's presentation was called Materiality and ceremonial: handling books. 

Dr Jeremy Howard gave a paper, 'A Forgotten Distaff Side and More: Reflections on Fra Newbery's Serbian Women, its context and associations' at the 'Creating Memories in Early Modern and Modern Art and Literature' Conference, Belgrade, 13-16 March. He also chaired the 'Nation Building: Serbia' panel at this conference. 

Dr Catherine Spencer has been awarded a Leverhulme Research Fellowship to work on her book Body Politics: Performance Art's Sociological Imagination; the fellowship will run throughout 2018. In April she gave a paper on the performance artist Joan Jonas at the conference Speak, Body: Art, the Reproduction of Capital and the Reproduction of Life in Leeds, and in March contributed to the workshop Reconstructions, Restagings, Re-enactments: Revisiting Seminal Art Exhibitions in the Twenty-first Centuryorganised by Kingston/Central Saint Martins.  

Dr Ilse Sturkenboomstarted off the conference season with a talk on frontispieces of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba at the marvelous biannual Symposia Iranica, which was convened at Cambridge on 11–12 April 2017. On 27 April, she gave an evening lecture on The Paintings of the Freer Dīvān of Sultan Aḥmad-i Jalāʾir at the York Islamic Art Circle. Ilse is going to Beirut in May for a conference on wine poetry in Near and Middle Eastern Literatures, Khamriyya as a World Poetic Genre, and she is looking forward to further inspiring conferences and talks coming up this summer.


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