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Student Representation

School President: Lily Ratcliff

The Art History School President is responsible for representing all students involved with art history, both within the department and on a wider university level. The School President chairs the SSCC (Staff Student Consultative Committee) which occurs twice a term and is made up of staff representatives and the Class Reps. At the SSCC we discuss any feedback we have gathered from students throughout the semester and work out what action can be taken to enhance the student experience.

If you have any feedback, ideas, suggestions, or anything you are just not sure about whom to ask, email the School President at

The SSCC minutes are available online. Please enter your St Andrews username and password to access them.


Clare Fisher


Heather Reynolds


Julia Madore

UG 4

Zeynep Kaserci

UG 4

Kriszta Rosu

UG 3

Sarah Park

UG 3

Meredith Loper

UG 2

Angela Crenshaw

UG 2

Lara X Mashayekh

UG 1

Hebe Holdsworth

UG 1

Gemma Kwok



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