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‌School of Art History Journal‎


HASTA is a student produced journal which is affiliated with the St Andrews Art History Department that works with other university art societies seeking to promote the arts within St Andrews. This year, the magazine moves completely online in order to have content reach readers more efficiently. HASTA will publish a variety of art and art history related pieces, ranging from academic to creative. HASTA has a strong committee and talented core group of staff writers that ensure the website puts out well-produced content every other day and also features submissions from guest writers.

Editor: Janis Petzinger
Deputy Editor: Zara Thacker
Director of Communications and Sponsorship: Lily Ratcliff
Treasurer: Helen Cameron
Director of Photography: Cordelia Mikkita
Blog Editor: Martyna Maj

Staff Writers:
Anja Ivic
Isabel Turner
Laura Mueller
Lena Polack
Riley Wibler