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Dr Sam Rose


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Sam Rose’s work focuses on modern art (especially in Britain), while also engaging art theory and aesthetics, contemporary art, and the history of art writing. His first book, Art as Form (Penn State), is about the connection between form and modernist aesthetics, moving from the critic Roger Fry through issues such as art historical description and objectivity, constructions of ‘high’ and ‘low’ culture, design theory’s struggles with mass culture, socially engaged art writing, and the idea of ‘global modernism’. A second project examines theories of description and perception in relation to some aspects of the rise and legacies of modern art – at the moment post-impressionism in global perspective, postmodern revisions of modernism, modern art and religion, painting and complexity, and object-based thinking. Other current activities include co-organization of a conference at St Andrews on Provincialism and Transnationalism in American Art, 1940-1980 (with Catherine Spencer and Alistair Rider), as well as panels on ‘Autonomy and the 1960s’ (with Vid Simoniti) and ‘Contemporary Art Histories’ (with Emalee Beddoes) for CAA 2018 and AAH 2018.


‘The Fear of Aesthetics in Art and Literary Theory’New Literary History 48 (Spring 2017): 223-244

‘Close Looking and Conviction’Art History 40 (February 2017): 156-177

‘The Significance of Form’Nonsite 20 (January 2017)

‘Being Ironic with Style’, in Figuring out Figurative Art: Contemporary Philosophers on Contemporary Paintings, ed., Damien Freeman and Derek Matravers (Routledge, 2015), pp. 73-85

‘Formalism in Art Criticism’, in The Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, ed., Michael Kelly (Oxford University Press, 2014), vol. II, pp. 213-6

‘“With an Almost Pathetic Fatality Doing What is Right”: Late Sickert and his Critics’, Art History 27 (February 2014): 126-47

‘The Visual Arts in the BBC’s ‘The Listener’, 1929-1939’, The Burlington Magazine 155 (September 2013): 606-11

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