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Projects: Metaphysics: Identity, Existence & Structure

Sponsor: SASP Home/EU Tuition Fee Waiver, DAAD, Royal Institute of Philosophy

Thesis: Personal Identity

Nationality: German

Degrees: B.A. Philosophy & Economics (Bayreuth); M.Litt Philosophy (SASP)

Email: pah20@st-andrews.ac.uk



PhD student (Primary project: Metaphysics Research Group: Identity, Existence & Structure). 

From 09/15 until 03/16: Carlo Schmid Fellow with the Global Health Ethics Unit of the World Health Organization, Geneva.

Other research interests: Metaphysics, Ethics, Bioethics.



(forthcoming) "Against the Complex versus Simple Distinction". In: Erkenntnis.
DOI 10.1007/s10670-016-9822-x.

Online first: http://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1007%2Fs10670-016-9822-x.pdf


WHO TB Ethics Guidance Document – The Next Iteration (with Reis, A., Silva, D., and Wild, V.). 13th World Congress of Bioethics, Edinburgh, 06/16.

WHO Ethics Guidance in Elimination of Tuberculosis – The Road Ahead. Marketplace of the 11th Global Summit of National Ethics Committees, Berlin 03/16.

Noonan on Complex and Simple Views about Personal Identity. OZSW Conference, Amsterdam, 12/15.

Classification, Endorsement and the Distinction between Complex and Simple Views about Personal Identity. Workshop ``Me, the Self, and I", University of Milan 01/16.

Children affected by Tuberculosis. TB Ethics Guidance Expert Group Meeting, WHO Headquarters, Geneva, 11/15.

Object and Personal Identity in Butler and Reid. Doctoral Workshop with Udo Thiel on "Identity and Individuation in Early Modern Philosophy", University of Zurich, 06/15.

Complex vs. Simple Views about Personal Identity. Arché Metaphysics Research Group, St Andrews, 12/14.

What possible worlds do not tell us about de re modality. European Congress of Analytic Philosophy, Bucharest, 09/14; Salzburg Conference for Young Analytic Philosophy, 09/14.


PY1005 Mind and Reality; PY2001 Rationality & Action