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Alper Yavuz

Projects: Language and Mind

Sponsor: MSFAU

Thesis: The Philosophy of Metaphors

Nationality: Turkish

Degrees: BSc Computer Science (Yildiz Technical University, Turkey); MA Philosophy (Bogazici University, Turkey)

Email: ay24@st-andrews.ac.uk



Philosophy of Language, Semantics, Pragmatics, History of Analytic Philosophy


12/2015 "On Slurring", Arché Language and Mind Seminar, St Andrews
12/2015. "A Pragmatic Theory of Metaphor", Open Minds XI Student Conference, University of Manchester, Manchester
10/2015. "A Pragmatic Theory of Metaphor", SASP Friday Graduate Seminar, St Andrews
05/2014. "Relevance Theory and Metaphor", SASP Friday Graduate Seminar, St Andrews


Spring 2016. PY1012 Reasoning
Fall 2015. PY1010 Mind and World
Spring 2015. PY1006 Reasoning and Knowledge