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Kevin Scharp

Arché role: Director, Management Committee

Past Projects: History and Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics (Co-Investigator)

Phone: (01334 46) 2453

Office: Edgecliffe 109

Email: ks70@st-andrews.ac.uk

Website: http://kevinscharp.com

Logic, philosophy of language, metaphysics, philosophy of science, and the history of analytic philosophy



Much of my work concerns the concept of truth and the paradoxes to which it gives rise, like the liar paradox. I also write about realism and fundamentality in metaphysics, measurement in philosophy of science, and figures like Sellars, Quine, and Davidson in the history of analytic philosophy.

See also the PURE research profile.

Academic qualifications

University of Pittsburgh, PhD., Philosophy, August 2005  

University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, MA, Philosophy, May 1998 

Washington University, BA, Mathematics, December 1995

Selected publications


Replacing Truth Oxford University Press, 2013. 352pp. ISBN: 978-0199653850

In the Space of Reasons: Selected Essays of Wilfrid Sellars. Editor (with Robert Brandom) and co-author of the introduction. Harvard University Press, 2007. 525pp. ISBN: 978-0674024984


“Analytic Pragmatism and Universal LX Vocabulary,” (with Richard Samuels), Philosophia, forthcoming.

“Defective Concepts,” in Conceptual Ethics and Conceptual Engineering, edited by Alexis Burgess, David Plunckett, and Herman Cappelen, forthcoming.

“Revising Inconsistent Concepts,” (with Stewart Shapiro) in The Relevance of the Liar. Edited by Bradley Armour-Garb. Oxford University Press. Forthcoming.

“Pragmatism without Idealism,” (with Robert Kraut) in The Palgrave Handbook of Philosophical Methods. Edited by Christopher Daly. Palgrave. 2015.

“Truth, Revenge, and Internalizability,” Erkenntnis 79: 597-645, 2014.

“Truth, the Liar, and Relativism,” The Philosophical Review 122: 427-510, 2013.

“Xeno Semantics for Ascending and Descending Truth,” in Foundational Adventures: Essays in Honor of Harvey M. Friedman. Edited by Neil Tennant. Templeton Press (Online) and College Publications, London. 2011.

“Truth’s Savior? Critical Study of Field’s Saving Truth From Paradox,” The Philosophical Quarterly 60: 183-188, 2010.

“Locke’s Theory of Reflection,” British Journal for the History of Philosophy 16: 25-63, 2008.

“Aletheic Vengeance,” in The Revenge of the Liar: New Essays on the Paradox. Edited by Jc Beall. Oxford University Press, 2008.

“Replacing Truth,” Inquiry 50: 606-621, 2007 (issue on inconsistency approaches to the liar paradox).

“Scorekeeping in a Defective Language Game,” Pragmatics and Cognition 13: 203-226, 2005 (issue on Robert Brandom’s Making It Explicit).

“Communication and Content: Circumstances and Consequences of the Habermas-Brandom Debate,” International Journal of Philosophical Studies 11: 43-61, 2003.