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Epistemology: Current Themes (ECT)

The ECT Group has a broad range of interests in epistemology and cognate fields. As well as an interest in the traditional epistemological questions concerning knowledge, justification, internalism, externalism, and scepticism, members of the group have research interests concerning belief, assertion, norms, virtue, vice, epistemic injustice, cognitive bias, formal models of knowledge and belief, know-how, trust, entitlement, perception, illusion, self-knowledge, the methodology of epistemology, intuitions, the apriori, dogmatism, contextualism, relativism, epistemic modals, and more


ECT Seminar: This is a lively and friendly weekly seminar at which members of the group pilot their research, discuss recent work in epistemology, and host talks by visiting speakers. These seminars take place every Wednesday (during Arché semesters) 13:00 – 14.30. For details of the current program and venue see the Arché Calendar.

ERG: (Epistemology Reading Group), focusses on recent texts in epistemology and takes place every Monday (during University semesters) 11:00 - 13:00 in Edgecliffe G03. For details of the current programme, see Arché Calendar.


Professor Jessica Brown, Dr Ephraim Glick, Dr Patrick Greenough, Dr Simon Prosser, Dr Justin Snedegar

PhD Students: Marvin Backes, Migel Egler, Claire Field, Joshua Habgood-Coote, Deborah Marber, Quentin Pharr, Kim Phillips Pederson, Lewis Ross, Wes Skolits


Dec 2015: Epistemic Incoherence Workshop

Jan 2016: Philosophical Progress Workshop

May 2016: Testimony and Context Workshop

May 2016: Disagreement Workshop

Jun 2016: Sensing Strange Things

Sep 2016: The Metaphysics of Knowledge I: Epistemic Indexing Workshop

Jun 2017: Blame and Norms Workshop