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Arché Members


  Director: Jessica Brown

Management Committee: Jessica Brown, Katherine Hawley, Stephen Read and Kevin Scharp

Arch Advisory Committee: Derek Ball, Herman Cappelen, Aaron Cotnoir, Alison Duncan Kerr, Ephraim Glick, Patrick Greenough, Katherine Hawley, Simon Prosser and Justin Snedegar

Arch Office Manager: Lynn Hynd

Professorial Fellows

  Josh Dever (University of Texas at Austin)
Matthew McGrath ((Missouri))
L A Paul ((UNC Chapel Hill))
Gabriel Uzquiano (USC)
Brian Weatherson (The University of Michigan)

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

  Mark Thakkar (Leverhulme)

Ph.D. Students

  Marvin Backes (AD Links Foundation)
Lisa Bastian (AHRC, SASP PhD Scholarship)
Matthew Cameron (SASP PhD Scholarship; Rafferty Scholarship; Royal Institute of Philosophy)
Miguel Egler (SASP PhD Scholarship)
Claire Field (AHRC)
Josh Habgood-Coote (AHRC)
Dan Healey
Patrik Hummel (SASP Home/EU Tuition Fee Waiver, DAAD, Royal Institute of Philosophy)
Ryo Ito (JASSO)
Ethan Landes
Poppy Mankowitz (SASP PhD Scholarship)
Travis Manuel
Deborah Marber
Quentin Pharr
Kim Phillips Pedersen
Lewis Ross (Carnegie Scholar)
Alessandro Rossi
Mona Simion
Wes Skolits (SASP/St. Leonard's College Scholarship (Tuition Waiver))
Fenner Tanswell (Caroline Elder Scholarship & SASP)
Ravi Thakral (SASP, St Leonard's College)
Caroline Torpe Touborg (Philosophical Quarterly and Janet T Anderson Trust)
Sara Vikesdal
Alexander Yates (Stirling and St Andrews, Royal Institute of Philosophy)
Alper Yavuz (MSFAU)


  Previous members of Arché have been very successful in finding positions. The destinations of previous Arché members can be found here.
A list of honorary appointments is available here.