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June 2019

Arché 20th Anniversary Conference

19th June 2019 - 21st June 2019
School I, United College, St Salvator's Quad KY16 9AL United Kingdom + Google Map

This summer we are hosting the Arché 20th Anniversary Conference, and everyone is invited to celebrate with us. Programme Wednesday 19th June 08.40 – 09.00: Tea & Coffee 09.00 – 10.30: Welcome by Kevin Scharp Symposium: Experience and Knowledge Yuri Cath: Knowledge of Experience for the Uninitiated Julia Langkau: The Empathic Skill Fiction Can’t Teach Us 10.30 – 10.50: Tea & Coffee 10.50 – 11.50: Flash Session Ira Kiourti: Desire and Contradiction Patrik Hummel: Epistemic Opacity and Trustworthy AI 11.50…

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July 2019

Group Agency and Belief Workshop

1st July 2019 - 2nd July 2019
School III, United College, St salvators Quad St Andrews, KY169AL United Kingdom + Google Map

St Salvators Quad, School III, The University of St Andrews. July 1-2, 2019 Local organiser: Jessica Brown (jab30@st-andrews.ac.uk). Speakers: Gunnar Bjornsson (Stockholm); Jessica Brown (St Andrews); Stephanie Collins (Australian Catholic University); Jennifer Lackey (Northwestern); Hans Bernard Schmid (Vienna); Deborah Tollefsen (Memphis). Traditionally, philosophical work on moral responsibility has focused on the individual agent. However, there’s been a recent explosion of work on the moral responsibility of groups, whether structured groups such as companies; or unstructured groups such as Westerners. In…

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August 2019

Fifth Philosophy of Language and Mind Network Conference

29th August 2019 - 31st August 2019
Arts Rooms,

April 2020

Workshop on Logical Disagreement – Cancelled

17th April 2020
Castlecliffe F2: John B Henderson Lecture Room,

Description: Over the last 15 years the epistemology of disagreement has been one of the most blooming research interests in epistemology. A special case of disagreement is logical disagreement, i.e. disputes regarding the validity of certain inference rules, or the status of fundamental logical principles. This Arché workshop is dedicated to the topic Logical Disagreement and related issues such as logical pluralism, the normativity of logic, logical evidence etc. It will feature renowned experts of epistemology of logic as well as early-career researchers. …

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Uncertainty and Rationality Conference – cancelled

27th April 2020 - 28th April 2020
School I, United College, St Salvator's Quad KY16 9AL United Kingdom + Google Map

May 2020

Workshop on Genealogy & Conceptual Engineering – cancelled

1st May 2020 - 2nd May 2020
Edgecliffe 104, University of St Andrews St Andrews, United Kingdom + Google Map

In philosophy, genealogical analysis corresponds to an examination of the origins of specific concepts and accompanying practices. Some of the philosophers who have engaged in genealogical analysis are Hume, Nietzsche, Foucault, Bernard Williams, Edward Craig, Martin Kusch, among others. In this workshop, we will address questions such as: What are the relations between genealogical analysis and conceptual engineering in philosophy? Are they competing or complementary methods for philosophical analysis? What is the relevance of historical contextualization more generally for conceptual…

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October 2020

Workshop on Theories of Paradox in the Middle Ages

21st October 2020 - 23rd October 2020
A virtual workshop by Zoom, The University St Andrews, KY16 9L United Kingdom + Google Map

We can now make available the recordings from this workshop. Full details of the event are beneath. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUIsb7Sglz8&list=PLL6VHwKxtIuaThC1UpO63XRQYJRlfo-kp N.B. The Workshop will now take place wholly online. Giorgione, Three Philosophers Paradoxes seized the attention of logicians in the middle ages, and were used both as tests for the viability of theories of logic, language, epistemology, and possibly every philosophical issue, and also in the specific genre of insolubles as needing a theoretical solution, usually involving issues about signification, truth, knowledge…

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December 2020

Metaphysics of Mind Workshop

2nd December 2020 @ 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
A virtual workshop by Zoom, The University St Andrews, KY16 9L United Kingdom + Google Map

There are various recent theories of what is the relationship between the mental and the physical (such as grounding theories and panpsychism). This workshop is an opportunity to explore new theories and arguments concerning the metaphysics of the mind. This could be about mental properties in general or a specific kind of mental properties (e.g., phenomenal properties or propositional attitudes). Some relevant questions are: Are mental properties and physical properties identical? If they are distinct, what’s the relationship between them?…

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Open Online Workshop: The Implementation Challenge for Conceptual Engineering (ICCE)

10th December 2020 - 11th December 2020
A virtual workshop by Zoom, The University St Andrews, KY16 9L United Kingdom + Google Map

  CONCEPTUAL ENGINEERING is an exciting new movement in analytic philosophy that focuses on assessing and improving our conceptual schemes and repertoires. The ICCE Open Online Workshop takes the next step and addresses the issue of how to implement on the ground the ameliorative strategies that conceptual engineers may have come to advocate for. To date, the implementation challenge for conceptual engineering has been formulated (Cappelen and Plunkett 2020, Deutsch 2020), but never specifically addressed, except in a couple of very recent or forthcoming works…

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February 2021

12th Arché Graduate Conference 4 -5 Feb 2021

February 4 - February 5
A virtual Conference – by Zoom,

This year, the University of St Andrews and the Arché Philosophical Research Centre will be hosting the 12th Arché Graduate Conference, running from the 4 – 5 February 2021. The Arché Graduate Conferences are international events gathering the most ambitious and talented postgraduate researchers from all over the world. Within two full days, six postgraduate students and two keynote speakers will deliver high-quality talks in all the areas of Philosophy currently pursued at Arché. Conference Venue: Online on Zoom Confirmed…

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