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June 2018

The Epistemology of Perception & the Perceptual Analogy Workshop

8th June 2018 - 9th June 2018
School II, United College, St Salvator's Quad St Andrews, KY169AL United Kingdom + Google Map

Plato’s Theatetus identified knowledge with perception. While this identity claim may go too far, the two notions are intimately related. At the very least, perceiving that something is the case is a paradigm explanation of how one is positioned to know it is the case. We invoke this sort of paradigm not only in sense perception proper but in connection with domains traditionally taken to be far removed from the sensible, such as mathematics and linguistic comprehension. For almost any…

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Externalism and Conceptual Change Workshop

14th June 2018 - 15th June 2018
Edgecliffe G03,

Classic work by Kripke, Putnam, Burge, and others have led many philosophers to maintain that the meanings of our words and the contents of our mental states are determined at least in part by factors outside of us: for example, on some views meaning is determined in part by causal or evolutionary history, or by facts about a speaker's physical or social environment. But at least since Evans's critique of the causal theory of names, it has been clear that…

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JoshFest: A Memorial Conference for Josh Parsons

21st June 2018 - 23rd June 2018
Senate Room,

We are hosting a memorial conference at Arché, St Andrews, to celebrate the life and work of Josh Parsons. Speakers include: Roy Cook, Joe Diekemper, Patrick Greenough, Katherine Hawley, Carrie Ichikawa Jenkins, Dan López de Sa, Daniel Nolan, Simon Prosser, Agustin Rayo, Marcus Rossberg, Robbie Williams, Crispin Wright and Elia Zardini. It is going to be a proper celebration: full of philosophy (done in Josh’s style), laughter, great memories, a little whisky (of which Josh was a bit of an…

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October 2018

11th Arché Graduate Conference

13th October 2018 - 14th October 2018
Edgecliffe 104, University of St Andrews St Andrews, United Kingdom + Google Map

The 11th Arché Graduate Conference will be an international event that will select talented graduate students from around the world for two days of research-led presentations and discussion, and provide students with the opportunity to engage with the work of two distinguished keynote speakers. Programme Saturday 13th October 10:00-11:30  Keynote - Kathrin Glüer-Pagin (Stockholm), ‘Experience, Reasons and Rationality’ 12:00-13:00  Becky Millar (Edinburgh), ‘Gestalt Shifts and Multisensory Perceptual Objects’ Lunch 14-15: 15:15  Nils Franzén (Uppsala), ‘Sensibilism and Imaginative Resistance’ 15:30-16:30  Joaquim Giannotti…

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April 2019

Workshop Themes from Fixing Language

9th April 2019 @ 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Edgecliffe G03 and Hebdomadar’s Room,

Workshop on themes from Herman Cappelen’s recent book Fixing Language. Schedule: Theme: Cappelen on Conceptual Engineering An Arché Workshop, University of St Andrews Tuesday 9th April 2019  15:00 – 18.45 Room G03  Department of Philosophy, Edgecliffe, The Scores, St Andrews. 15.00 – 15.30 Derek Ball: On Fixing Language Coffee/Tea 15.40 – 16.10. Patrick Greenough: Representation Engineering or Reality Engineering? 16.10 – 16.40 Kevin Scharp: Yes, there are concepts, and we can engineer them Hebdomadar's Room, St Salvators Quad, 75 North…

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May 2019

Workshop on the History of Arabic Logic

7th May 2019 - 8th May 2019
Hebdomadar’s Room, St Salvator's Quad St Andrews, KY169AL United Kingdom + Google Map

The Workshop on History of Arabic Logic has two main aims: to make better known the richness and importance of Arabic logic, that is, logic developed and studied in Arabic-speaking lands from the 8th to the 15th centuries CE; and to provide a forum for interaction and discussion by scholars of Arabic logic. Since the last century, scholars have acknowledged the original and relevant contribution of medieval Arabic philosophers and thinkers to the development of medieval Western logic and, more…

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June 2019

BPPA June 2019 Masterclass: Conceptual Engineering and it Consequences in Society

11th June 2019 - 12th June 2019
Edgecliffe 104, University of St Andrews St Andrews, United Kingdom + Google Map

Arché 20th Anniversary Conference

19th June 2019 - 21st June 2019
School I, United College, St Salvator's Quad KY16 9AL United Kingdom + Google Map

This summer we are hosting the Arché 20th Anniversary Conference, and everyone is invited to celebrate with us. Programme Wednesday 19th June 08.40 – 09.00: Tea & Coffee 09.00 – 10.30: Welcome by Kevin Scharp Symposium: Experience and Knowledge Yuri Cath: Knowledge of Experience for the Uninitiated Julia Langkau: The Empathic Skill Fiction Can’t Teach Us 10.30 – 10.50: Tea & Coffee 10.50 – 11.50: Flash Session Ira Kiourti: Desire and Contradiction Patrik Hummel: Epistemic Opacity and Trustworthy AI 11.50…

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July 2019

Group Agency and Belief Workshop

1st July 2019 - 2nd July 2019
School III, United College, St salvators Quad St Andrews, KY169AL United Kingdom + Google Map

St Salvators Quad, School III, The University of St Andrews. July 1-2, 2019 Local organiser: Jessica Brown (jab30@st-andrews.ac.uk). Speakers: Gunnar Bjornsson (Stockholm); Jessica Brown (St Andrews); Stephanie Collins (Australian Catholic University); Jennifer Lackey (Northwestern); Hans Bernard Schmid (Vienna); Deborah Tollefsen (Memphis). Traditionally, philosophical work on moral responsibility has focused on the individual agent. However, there’s been a recent explosion of work on the moral responsibility of groups, whether structured groups such as companies; or unstructured groups such as Westerners. In…

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August 2019

Fifth Philosophy of Language and Mind Network Conference

29th August 2019 - 31st August 2019
Arts Rooms,
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