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Naturalness in Semantics and Metaphysics



  Time: 11 October, 2011 - 12 October, 2011
  Location: G03 Edgecliffe, The Scores, St Andrews
  This workshop will deal with questions concerning the connection between naturalness and philosophical methodology. What are the consequences for doing first-order philosophy if naturalness is to have the kind of central role that it is given by Lewis? Does this mean that we should put less weight on intuitions? Where does this leave the project of doing conceptual analysis? Are there different consequences for different areas of philosophy (e.g. epistemology and metaphysics)?

Confirmed speakers are:

Cian Dorr (Oxford)
Maya Eddon (UMass)
Carsten Hansen (CSMN, Oslo)
Michael Morreau (Maryland)
Karen Bennett (Cornell)
J.R.G.Williams (Leeds)
Brian Weatherson (videolink) (Rutgers)

Tuesday 11th of October

    10:00-11:45 Cian Dorr tbc

    11:45-13:00 Lunch

    13:00-14:45 Maya Eddon Fundamental Properties of Fundamental Properties

    14:45-15:00 Coffee

    15:00-16:45 Carsten Hansen and Michael Morreau tbc

7pm Dinner at Playfairs Restaurant

Wednesday 12th of October

    10:00-11:45 Karen Bennett Naturalness and Fundamentality

    11:45-13:00 Lunch

    13:00-14:45 J.R.G. Williams Reference Magnets

    14:45-15:00 Coffee

    15:00-16:45 Brian Weatherson The Role of Naturalness in Lewis’ Theory of Meaning

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