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St Andrews-Rutgers Evidence Conference



  Time: 29 May, 2010 - 30 May, 2010
  Location: Parliament Hall, St Andrews

The philosophy departments at The University of St Andrews and at Rutgers University have recently signed a wide-ranging collaboration agreement. This conference marks this new agreement, and will be the first of many joint events between the two departments. The aim of this conference is to examine philosophical questions about the nature and epistemic role of evidence.


Saturday 29th May

  • 10.00–10.30 Morning tea
  • 10.30–12.30 Talk 1 Ram Neta (UNC, Chapel Hill)
    "Easy Knowledge, Bootstrapping, and Higher-Order Reasons"
  • 12.30–13.30 Lunch
  • 13.30–15.30 Talk 2 Alvin Goldman (Rutgers)
    "Toward a Synthesis of Reliabilism and Evidentialism",
  • 15.30–16.00 Afternoon tea
  • 16.00–18.00 Talk 3 Susanna Siegel (Harvard)
    "The Significance of Cognitive Penetration"

Dinner: 7pm Zizzi

Sunday 30th May

  • 10.00–10.30 Morning tea
  • 10.30–12.30 Talk 4 Jonathan Vogel (Amherst)
    "Luminosity and Indiscriminability"
  • 12.30–13.30 Lunch
  • 13.30–15.30 pm Talk 5 Jim Joyce (Michigan)
    "Do Imprecise Credences Make Sense? "
  • 15.30–16.00 Afternoon tea
  • 16.00–18.00 Talk 6 Jessica Brown (St Andrews)
    "Thought Experiments and Evidence"

Practical Information

Day delegate rates are £33 per day and for the conference dinner at Zizzi Restaurant, £26.

Practical information can be found on our Information for Visitors Page

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Yuri Cath

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Conference Location: Parliament Hall, South Street, St Andrews

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