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Arche is active during semesters: (17th September – 14th December 2018, 1st April – 28th June 2019).

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December 2015

Epistemic Incoherence

6th December 2015 - 7th January 2016
School II, United College, St Salvator's Quad St Andrews, KY169AL United Kingdom + Google Map

What is Epistemic Incoherence? In one form, it is roughly the idea that the concept of knowledge/justification is incoherent. In another form, it is the idea that the rules governing 'knows'/'is justified in believing' issue in contradictory instructions if sufficiently pressed. In another guise, it is the (related) idea that the demands of rationality are incoherent in that they place inconsistent requirements on action. These ideas have been kicking around for a while — see Vogel (1990), Schiffer (1996), Weiner…

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January 2016

Philosophical Progress

15th January 2016 - 16th January 2016
Oslo, Norway,

This is a joint Arché/CSMN Workshop, to be held in Oslo. Confirmed speakers are: Nancy Bauer (Tufts), Paul Boghossian (NYU) , Herman Cappelen (Oslo/St Andrews), Patrick Greenough (St Andrews), Paul Horwich (NYU), Mark Richard (Harvard), Laurie Paul (UNC Chapel Hill/St Andrews), Bjørn Ramberg (Oslo) Co-organisers of this event are Patrick Greenough, Herman Cappelen, and Bjørn Ramberg.

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May 2016

Testimony and Context

7th May 2016 - 8th May 2016
School II, United College, St Salvator's Quad St Andrews, KY169AL United Kingdom + Google Map

Confirmed speakers are: Emma Borg (Reading), Herman Cappelen (Oslo/St Andrews), Rachel Fraser (Oxford), Lizzie Fricker (Oxford), Sandy Goldberg (Northwestern), Mikkel Gerken (Edinburgh), Patrick Greenough (St Andrews), Katherine Hawley (St Andrews), Andrew Peet (St Andrews) and Joey Pollock (Edinburgh) In acquiring knowledge from others we rely on speakers to be reliable and honest, and we rely on our own ability to understand what we have been told. Most research in the epistemology of testimony focuses on the former reliance. However, our…

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Complex Disagreement

19th May 2016 - 20th May 2016
School V, United College, St Salvator's Quad St Andrews, KY16 9AL United Kingdom + Google Map

Confirmed speakers include: Simon Barker (Sheffield), Michael Brady (Glasgow), Fernando Broncano-Berrocal (Copenhagen), Paul Faulkner (Sheffield), Katherine Hawley (St. Andrews), Eileen John (Warwick), Klemens Kappel (Copenhagen) , Martin Kusch (Vienna) , Thomas Raleigh (NTNU), Katia Samoilova (Tübingen), Brian Weatherson (Michigan) We disagree in politics, science, philosophy and everyday life. Usually, these disagreements are assumed to concern ordinary individual beliefs, or sets of individual beliefs. Much of the recent discussion in the epistemology of disagreement has concentrated on such cases. However, our…

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June 2016

Sensing Strange Things

4th June 2016 - 6th June 2016
School II, United College, St Salvator's Quad St Andrews, KY169AL United Kingdom + Google Map

Workshop Theme: What can (allegedly) strange cases of perception and misperception tell us about the nature of ordinary perception and indeed about the nature of objects perceived? Programme Saturday 4th June 13.00-14.30 Fiona Macpherson Redefining Illusion and Hallucination in Light of New Cases 14.30-14.45 Break 14.45-16.15 Jennifer Corns Hedonic qualities, independence, and heterogeneity 16.15-16.30 Break 16.30-18.00 Zoe Drayson Action-oriented perception 18:00-19:30 Workshop Reception 19:45 Workshop dinner Sunday 5th June 09.30-11.00. Ema Sullivan-Bissett and Paul Noordhof Delusional Experience and Relationist Accounts…

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Cardinality, Worlds and Paradox

7th June 2016 - 8th June 2016
Oslo, Norway,

A joint workshop between the Arché Research Centre and the Department of Philosophy at the University of Oslo. Confirmed speakers: Josh Dever (Texas at Austin and Arché) Peter Fritz (Oslo) Øystein Linnebo (Oslo) Lavinia Picollo (Munich) Graham Priest (CUNY Graduate Center) Agustin Rayo (MIT and Oslo) Stewart Shapiro (OSU) Gabriel Uzquiano (USC and Arché) Various relatives of Russell’s paradox have been thought to have important ramifications in logic and metaphysics. It has been thought, for example, that there are strictly…

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Concepts and Understanding Workshop

10th June 2016 - 11th June 2016
School II, United College, St Salvator's Quad St Andrews, KY169AL United Kingdom + Google Map

A number of traditional strands in thinking about concepts closely associate concept possession and understanding, but there are a number of widely discussed cases in which a thinker seems to possess a concept despite only partially understanding or misunderstanding it. How can these cases be explained? What are the connections between possessing concepts and understanding them? How should the phenomena of partial understanding and misunderstanding shape our view of concepts and concept possession? What other cognitive structures can we appeal…

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September 2016

The Metaphysics of Knowledge I: Epistemic Indexing

3rd September 2016 - 4th September 2016
School II, United College, St Salvator's Quad St Andrews, KY169AL United Kingdom + Google Map

  Time: 3 September, 2016 - 4 September, 2016 Location: School II An Arché/EIDYN Collaboration. EIDYN logo Confirmed Speakers: Kelly Becker (University of New Mexico), Jessica Brown (St Andrews), Julien Dutant (King’s College London), Daniel Greco (Yale), Patrick Greenough (St Andrews), Clayton Littlejohn (King’s College London), Sherrilyn Roush (Kings College London). Confirmed Roundtable: Jessica Brown (St Andrews), Jesper Kallestrup (Edinburgh) Since Nozick (1981) it has become standard practice to index various modal principles—such as tracking conditions and safety conditions—to methods…

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May 2017

Self-Control through Accountability to Others

8th May 2017 - 9th May 2017
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One event on 8th May 2016 at 9:00 am

University of St Andrews,

We invite proposals for talks at this workshop, which will feature keynote papers by Natalie Gold (KCL), Katherine Hawley (St Andrews), and David Owens (KCL).

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Proofs of Propositions in 14th-Century Logic

23rd May 2017 - 24th May 2017
Hebdomadar’s Room, St Salvator's Quad St Andrews, KY169AL United Kingdom + Google Map

The aim of this workshop is to reach a clearer understanding of the genre of 'proofs of propositions' (probationes propositionum) that came to characterize British logic in the second half of the 14th century.

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