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Arche is active during semesters: (18 September – 16 December 2017, 2nd April – 29th June 2018).

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April 2018

Mathematical Collaboration Workshop II

April 7 - April 8
Edgecliffe 104, University of St Andrews St Andrews, United Kingdom + Google Map

This is a joint Arché-Oxford event, following up on the successful workshop Group Knowledge and Mathematical Collaboration held in Oxford in April 2017. Mathematics is a deeply social discipline. The stereotype of the “lone genius” is one which does not fit the breadth and depth of mathematical work, which also features everything from one-on-one collaborations to massive collective efforts. Indeed, it is common for proofs of significant theorems to rely on work by many mathematicians working together and in parallel.…

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Medieval Logic and its Contemporary Relevance

April 30 @ 11:00 am - May 2 @ 1:00 pm
Edgecliffe 104, University of St Andrews St Andrews, United Kingdom + Google Map

Edgecliffe: the Philosophy Department   George Santayana once observed that those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it. Of course, history can be studied for many reasons, even for its own sake. But studying medieval logic, in particular, can make us aware of the consequences of certain ideas in at least two ways. First, the problems that medieval logicians were tackling are in many cases still with us today and still unresolved, more so than in…

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June 2018

The Epistemology of Perception & the Perceptual Analogy Workshop

June 8 - June 9
School II, United College, St Salvator's Quad St Andrews, KY169AL United Kingdom + Google Map

Plato’s Theatetus identified knowledge with perception. While this identity claim may go too far, the two notions are intimately related. At the very least, perceiving that something is the case is a paradigm explanation of how one is positioned to know it is the case. We invoke this sort of paradigm not only in sense perception proper but in connection with domains traditionally taken to be far removed from the sensible, such as mathematics and linguistic comprehension. For almost any…

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Externalism and Conceptual Change Workshop

June 14 - June 15
Edgecliffe G03,

Classic work by Kripke, Putnam, Burge, and others have led many philosophers to maintain that the meanings of our words and the contents of our mental states are determined at least in part by factors outside of us: for example, on some views meaning is determined in part by causal or evolutionary history, or by facts about a speaker's physical or social environment. But at least since Evans's critique of the causal theory of names, it has been clear that…

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June 21 - June 23
Senate Room,

We will be hosting a memorial conference at Arché, St Andrews, to celebrate the life and work of Josh Parsons. Speakers include: Elisabeth Barnes, Ross Cameron, Roy Cook, Joe Diekemper, Patrick Greenough, Katherine Hawley, Carrie Ichikawa Jenkins, Dan Loper De Sa, Jodie Kerper, Daniel Nolan, Simon Prosser, Agustin Rayo, Robbie Williams, Crispin Wright and Elia Zardini. It is going to be a proper celebration: full of philosophy (done in Josh's style), laughter, great memories, a little whisky (of which Josh was a bit of an expert), and experimental eleatic hangover…

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