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FAQs about Apps Anywhere

Q. Who can access the Service?

A. All staff and students who are in the AD distribution groups “All students” and “All Staff”. Access has been temporarily granted for Domain Users.

Q. How do I access the Service on classroom PCs?

A. The service is accessed through a web portal ( and a client is required.  On University student PCs, the client is installed and the portal is automatically started/signed-in when users log-in to the PCs. There is also an icon on the desktop and in the Start Menu.

Q. As a member of staff, how do I access on my University Windows PC?

A. The service is accessed through a web portal ( and a client is required. On a “managed” IT Services PC, the client will be installed and for all other PCs, the client is required to be installed. The portal will prompt for client installation if it is not detected.

Q. Can I access the service on my personal device?

A. Yes and software applications will be available where the license permits.

Q. Why are not all applications available when I access the portal on my personal device?

A. The License needs to allow “Home Use” to allow the University to make software applications available on personal devices. A list of software available on personal devices is available on the service website -

Q. Can I access the service on MAC OSX?

A. Yes, through integration with RemoteApp will allow windows applications to be delivered to MAC OSX devices. Instructions can be found here.

Q. Are all applications available in Apps Anywhere?

A. No - some applications are installed locally on PCs, including Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader and VLC Media Player. The service website will detail software application availability and the delivery method -

Q. How are software applications launched?

A. The Apps Anywhere web portal will list software applications alphabetically and by School/subject discipline. Users can also add software applications to the favourite list by clicking the “Add to favourites” star in the top left hand corner of each application. To launch a software application, simply click the “launch” button next to the software application name.

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