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Astrid Stampe Lovelady

Email: asl5@st-andrews.ac.uk

Thesis/research: Farming Souls. Money, Love and Dor amongst Romanian migrants in the Danish Countryside


Professor Nigel Rapport , Dr Mette High

Research interests

Thematically: European social and economic transformations; EU mobility/migration; religion; rural areas; livelihood strategies; cosmopolitanism

Regionally: Europe (Romania, Poland, and Denmark)

Doctoral research

The aim of my doctoral research is to explore how Romanian migrants in the Danish countryside experience and make sense of their movements to and livelihoods in Denmark. The context of this research is changing migration patterns (where more people now settle in rural areas after many years of urbanisation), the introduction of free movement in the European Union, and global changes in agriculture.


I received my bachelor’s (2010) and master’s (2013) degrees in social anthropology from Copenhagen University. For my master’s degree I conducted fieldwork at a homeless shelter in Poland. I have a lifelong interest in Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans, which has in particular been directing my research focus.

From 2013 – 2014 I worked as a research assistant at a consultancy in Brussels, where I produced reports for EU institutions in the fields of social, education and employment policies. From 2014 – 2015 I worked as a research assistant at Copenhagen University on a project focussing on the challenges of posted construction workers in Denmark within the principles of the free movement of services in the EU.


Copenhagen University: Nordic Ethnology and Folklore Conference. (August 2015)

London School of Economics: Inequality in the 21st Century. (July 2015)

Aalborg University: Eastern and Central European labour migration to the Nordic countries. (November 2014)


Under review. ”Bygningsarbejdernes Dobbeltliv: Drømme og Udstationering” (“The Double Lives of Construction Workers: Dreams and Posting”). For anthology on precariousness in the Danish labour market.

2017.  Østeuropæisk Børnehjælp – transport til Rumænien maj 2017 (East European Child Aid – transport to Romania May 2017). Report to East European Child Aid.

with Jens Arnholtz. 2016. “Midlertidighed i proces: Udstationerede bygningsarbejdere i Danmark” (“Temporality in process: Posted construction workers in Denmark”). In Social Kritik, vol 28, nr. 147, Jysk Bogbind, pp. 6-17.

2014. Book review of New Lithuania in Old Hands. Effects and Outcomes of EUropeanization in Rural Lithuania (by Ida Harboe Knudsen). In Tidsskiftet Antropologi nr. 68.

with Naomi Willamson and Tina Weber. 2014. Corporate Social Responsibility. National public policies in the European Union – Compendium 2014. European Commission.

2013. “Et ‘Utæt’ Socialt Arbejde – et antropologisk blik på socialt arbejde på et herberg for hjemløse i det postsocialistiske Polen” (“Leaky social work. An anthropological perspective on social work at a homeless shelter in post-socialist Poland”). In Social Kritik nr. 135, Jysk Bogbind, pp. 64 – 75.