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Dr Stavroula Pipyrou

Senior Lecturer

Email: sp78@st-andrews.ac.uk

Phone: (01334) 46 1960

Office: Room 1, School 6

Office hours: Tuesday 2 - 4pm


Stavroula Pipyrou is a Lecturer in Social Anthropology at the University of St Andrews and Founding Director of the Centre for Minorities Research http://cmr.wp.st-andrews.ac.uk/. She has conducted long-term ethnographic research with minorities in Italy since 2006. In her first monograph “The Grecanici of Southern Italy: Governance, Violence, and Minority Politics” (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2016) she presents a theory of “Fearless Governance” – overlapping and sometimes contradictory systems of power, authority, and relational networks that enable the minority to achieve political representation at the intersection of local, national, and global encounters.

Her Leverhulme project (2014-17), “An Intergenerational Analysis of Forced Child-relocation in Italy”, looked at the silenced stories of displacement in Cold War (1950s) South Italy shedding light on a hitherto overlooked historico-political period of turmoil. Child displacement is directly associated with historical macro-silences and the lack of systematic ethnological studies on the events that took place during the Cold War period in Italy. Violent displacements that remained silenced in the post-Cold War years have shaped contemporary European politics in a profound manner.

Centre for Minorities Research (CMR). A unique initiative that brings together interdisciplinary expertise from an outstanding pool of staff from across seven Schools at the University of St Andrews. Centre members are committed to exploring intersectionality in the ‘everyday lives’ of minorities, both in Scotland and internationally. Promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in the University and wider community is central to all our activities. The CMR arranges public talks, holds networking events, organises outreach activities, collaborates on funding applications and policy-oriented research. Contact Stavroula Pipyrou for more information.

Research information

2017-19: Gender Diversity and Inclusion (GDI) grant for the project ‘International Minority Education: Opening New Collaborative Research Possibilities’ for best-practice knowledge exchange between the University of St Andrews and Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Brazil).

2014-17: Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship, “An intergenerational analysis of forced child-relocation in Italy”.

2015-17: ESRC Urgency Grant, “Transitory Lives: An Anthropological Research of the Migration Crisis in the Mediterranean”.

2015-16: British Academy (British School of Athens) and Ecole française d’Athènes “Trust” seminar and research project (with Maria Couroucli and Daniel M. Knight).

2013-14: Carnegie Trust Grant "Art and Energy: Understanding Attitudes to Renewables in Scotland".

Selected publications

Books Authored

Pipyrou, S. 2016. The Grecanici of Southern Italy: Governance, Violence, and Minority Politics. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.

Edited Collections

Pipyrou, S. 2018. (ed.). #MeToo is little more than mob rule // vs // #MeToo is a legitimate form of social justice. Special section of HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory 8(3)

Refereed Journal Papers

Pipyrou, S. 2018. #MeToo: Legal Quandaries, Public Shaming, and the Violence of Silence. In Special Section ‘#MeToo is little more than mob rule // vs // #MeToo is a legitimate form of social justice’. HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory 8(3): 415-419.

Pipyrou, S. 2016. Adrift in Time: Lived and Silenced Pasts in Calabria, South Italy. In Special Issue ‘Ethnographies of Austerity: Temporality, Crisis and Affect in Southern Europe’ edited by Daniel M. Knight and Charles Stewart, History and Anthropology 27(1): 45-59.

Pipyrou, S. 2014. Cutting Bella Figura: Irony, Crisis and Secondhand clothes in South Italy. American Ethnologist 41 (3): 532-546.

Pipyrou, S. 2014. Altruism and Sacrifice: Mafia Free Gift Giving in South Italy.  In Special Issue, ‘The 21st Century Gift’ edited by Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner and Anne-Meike Fechter. Anthropological Forum 24(4): 412-426.

Pipyrou, S. 2014. Narrating Death: coping with suicide in rural Greece. Social Anthropology 22(2): 189-199.

Pipyrou, S. 2014. Colonialism and Southernisation: the case of the Grecanici in Calabria. In Special Issue, ‘New Ethnographic Studies on Italy’s Southern Question(s)’ edited by Domenico Perrotta. Etnografia e Ricerca Qualitativa 2: 245-263.

Buck, T. and Pipyrou, S. 2014. You Can Die Only Once? Rhetoric, Narrative and Epistemology in Western Death. Mortality: promoting the interdisciplinary study of death and dying. 19(3): 261-283.

Pipyrou, S. 2012. Commensurable Language and Incommensurable Claims among the Greek Linguistic Minority of South Italy. Journal of Modern Italian Studies 17(1): 70-91.

Zografou, M. and Pipyrou, S. 2011. Dance and Difference: Towards an Individualization of the Pontian Self. Dance Chronicle 34(3): 422-446.

Pipyrou, S. 2010. Urbanities: Grecanici Migration to the City of Reggio Calabria, South Italy. History and Anthropology 21(1): 19-36.

Pipyrou, S. 2010. Grecanici Ethnicisation: Power and Knowledge at Work. In Special Issue: Sub-State Nationalisms in Contemporary Europe. ARDAC - Anthropology Reviews: Dissent and Cultural Politics 2(1).

Pipyrou, S. 2010. Narrative of a Fine Day: On the Cultural Appropriation of Violence. ARDAC - Anthropology Reviews: Dissent and Cultural Politics 1(1): 33-35.

Zografou, M. and Pipyrou, S. 2008. Dancing in History: Socio-Political Aspects of Dance Identity of Two Distinctive Groups in Greece. Studia Choreologica 10: 25-41.

Panopoulou, K. and Pipyrou, S. 2008. Dance and Ritual: The case of the Zamandas at Pentapoli, Serres. Ethno-Cultural Annals for the Study of the Culture of Eastern Serbia and the Neighbouring Regions. Book XII. Svrljig.

Pipyrou, S. 2006. ‘To lipothimise to tsamiko’: H diapragmateusi tis emfilis tautotitas, tis somatopiimenis mnimis kai tis istorias mesa apo xoreutikes epitelesis stin Kalloni Grevenon. (‘She exhausted the Tsamiko’: The negotiation of gender identity, embodied memory and history through dance performance in Kalloni, Grevena). Published in the conference proceedings of the Third International Conference of Culture and Civilisation, University of Serres, Greece. Serres: Afoi Charalambidi.

Book chapters

Pipyrou, S. 2018. Rumor Has It: leisure, gossip and distortion at funerals in central Greece. In Kaul, A. and J. Skinner. (eds). Leisure and Death. Boulder: University of Colorado Press.

Pipyrou, S. 2017. Des déchets transformés. Appartenances sociales et assignations morales sur les marchés de vêtement d’occasion en Italie. In. Anstett, E. and N. Ortar. (eds). Jeux de pouvoir dans nos poubelles. Économies morales et politiques du recyclage au tournant du XXIe siècle. Paris: Petra.

Pipyrou, S. 2017. Adrift in Time: Lived and Silenced Pasts in Calabria, South Italy. In Knight, D. M. and C. Stewart. (eds). Ethnographies of Austerity: Temporality, Crisis and Affect in Southern Europe. London: Routledge.

Pipyrou, S. 2016. Violence and the construction of civil society: freedoms and liberties of analysis. In Lino e Silva, M. and H. Wardle. (eds). Freedom in Practice: Governance, Autonomy and Liberty in the Everyday. London: Routledge.

Pipyrou, S. 2015. Governance, Theatricality and Fantasma in Mafia Dance. In Flynn, A. and J. Leonhard Tinius. (eds.). Theatre and Development. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Pipyrou, S. 2015. Porter la Crise: Vêtements usagés, ironie et valeur à Reggio de Calabre, Italie du Sud. In Ortar, N. and E. Gessat Anstett (eds.). La deuxième vie des objets. Recyclage et récupération dans les sociétés contemporaines. Paris: Petra.

Zografou, M. & Pipyrou, S. 2013. Dance and Difference: Towards an Individualization of the Pontian Self. In Matluck Brooks, L. and J. Meglin (eds.). Preserving Dance Across Time and Space. London: Routledge.

Other: Online Contributions

Pipyrou, S. 2017. The untold story of thousands of Italian children sent away from their parents in the 1950s. The Conversation, 11th April.

Pipyrou, S. 2017. Secondhand Clothes in Motion: Donation, Class and Identification in South Italy and Scotland. Aix-Marseille University colloquium presentation. YouTube Video.

Pipyrou, S. 2016. Displacement on the Greek Side: Child Relocations and Silence in Cold War Italy. British Academy British School at Athens Upper House Seminar. YouTube Video.

Pipyrou, S. 2013. The people of southern Italy are once again feeling dominated by the Italian, European and Global North. EUROPP blog post, London School of Economics and Political Science.

Pipyrou, S. 2013. International actors such as UNESCO and the EU are key to protecting the status of Italy’s Greek speaking minority. EUROPP blog post, London School of Economics and Political Science.

Book Reviews

Pipyrou, S. 2015. Review: The Brotherhood of Freemason Sisters by Lilith Mahmud. CritCom February 2015.

Pipyrou, S. 2011. Review: The Past in Pieces: belonging in the new Cyprus, by Rebecca Bryant. Political and Legal Anthropology Review Volume 34, Issue 1.

Theses: PhD

Pipyrou, S. 2010. Power, Governance and Representation: an anthropological analysis of kinship, the ’Ndrangheta and dance within the Greek linguistic minority of Reggio Calabria, South Italy. PhD, Department of Anthropology, Durham University.

Research supervision

Currently supervising:

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