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Dr Stan Frankland


Email: mcf1@st-andrews.ac.uk

Phone: (01334) 46 2979

Office: Room 1, 71 North Street

Office hours: Thursday 12 – 2pm


Research information

Hunter-gatherers; the Sua of the Semuliki valley in Western Uganda; ‘Pygmies’; representations of the ‘savage/primitive/indigenous’; the history of anthropological thought; colonial and post-colonial representations of Africa; livelihoods on the margins of the modern world; sex workers and drug dealers in Kampala; the anthropology of tourism; contemporary patterns of travel; the development industry; ‘local/indigenous’ ‘knowledges’; Euro-American mythological systems; a visual anthropology that escapes the boredom of ethnographic films; imaginations of ‘otherness’; African cinema; a politically engaged anthropology relevant to the contemporary world.

Selected publications

1999, “Turnbull’s syndrome: romantic fascination in the rain forest”. In: Biesbrouk, K, et al (eds.), Central African Hunter-Gatherers in a multidisciplinary perspective: Challenging Elusiveness. Univesiteit Leiden: Research School for Asian, African and Amerindian Studies (CNWS).

2000, “Silencing the Nile: A report on the Bujagali Hydropower project for the Bank Information Centre”. In: Uganda Confidential, Nos. 407 & 408.

2001. “Pygmic Tours”. In: African Study Monographs, “African Hunter-Gatherers: Persisting Cultures and Contemporary Problems”, Supplementary Issue No.26. Also available online: http://www.africa.kyoto-u.ac.jp/kiroku/asm_suppl/abstracts/ASM_s26.html

2003 “The still waters of the Nile”. In: Pottier, J. et al (eds.), Negotiating Local Knowledge: Identity, Power and Situated Practice in Development Intervention. London: Pluto Press.

2007 “No money, no life: surviving on the streets of Kampala”. In: Staples, J. (ed.), Livelihoods at the Margins: Surviving the City. Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press, Inc.

The Bulimic Consumption of Pygmies: Regurgitating an Image of Otherness

Research supervision

Currently supervising: