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Dr Paloma Gay y Blasco

Senior Lecturer

Email: pgyb@st-andrews.ac.uk

Phone: (01334) 46 2950

Office: Room 2, United College

Office hours: Monday 3 - 4pm & Friday 4 - 5pm


I have worked with Spanish Gitanos (Gypsies/Roma) and on international adoption, and have published on gender and sex, memory and forgetting, community-making, Pentecostalism and the internet. My first monograph, ‘Gypsies in Madrid: Sex, Gender and the Performance of Identity’ was published in 1999 (Berg). I am also interested in the role of ethnographic writing in anthropology, and with Huon Wardle I published ‘How to Read Ethnography’ in 2007 (Routledge). I am now in the process of writing an experimental ethnography/biography with Liria de la Cruz, a long-term Gitano informant and close friend. As a preamble to this project we have published the article ‘Friendship, Anthropology’ in the journal Anthropology and Humanism (2012, vol. 37) where we argue for a collaborative and egalitarian ethnography. I am happy to supervise PhD students on issues to do with Gypsies/Roma, kinship, gender, feminist anthropology, and Southern Europe.

Research information

Gypsies/Roma, feminist anthropology, gender, kinship, adoption, ethnography

Selected publications

Authored volumes:

1999. Gypsies in Madrid: Sex, Gender and the Performance of Identity. Oxford and New York. Berg.

2006.  P Gay y Blasco and H Wardle. How to Read Ethnography. Routledge. London and New York.

Edited collection:

2008. P Gay y Blasco and D Iordanova (eds.). Picturing Gypsies: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Roma Representation. Special Issue of Third Text, Vol. 23, no. 3. London and New York. Routledge.


Articles in International Refereed Journals:

1997. A 'Different' Body? Desire and Virginity among Gitanos. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute. Vol. 3, no. 3, pp. 517-535.

2000.The Politics of Evangelism: Hierarchy, Masculinity and Religious Conversion Among Gitanos. Romani Studies, series 5, vol. 10, issue1, pp. 1-22.

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2017. Doubts, compromises, and ideals: attempting a reciprocal life story. Anthropology and Humanism, vol 42, pp. 91-108.

 Articles in Edited Collections:

2003. ‘This Is Not a Place for Civilised People’: Isolation, Enforced Education and Resistance Among Spanish Gypsies. In A. Bashford and C. Strange (eds.), Isolation: Practices and Places of Exclusion. New York. Routledge. Pages 209-221.

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2008. The Roma Imagined: Representation, Authorship and Effect. In Paloma Gay y Blasco and Dina Iordanova (eds.), Picturing Gypsies: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Roma Representation. Special Issue of Third Text Vol. 23, no. 3.

2017. LA MIRADA RECÍPROCA Y EL GÉNERO ETNOGRÁFICO: UNA REFLEXIÓN A MITAD DE CAMINO. In T Vicente, M Albert, P Espeso & MJ Pastor (eds), Antropologías en Transformación: Sentidos, Compromisos y Utopías. Institució Alfons el Magnànim -Centre Valencià d’Estudis i d’Investigació Diputació de València, pp. 79-103.

2018. La feminidad gitana en contexto:: fragmentación política en la España del siglo XX. In R. Andrés, & J. Masó (Eds.), Revisiones gitanas: políticas, autorepresentaciones y activismo en diálogo con el género y la sexualidad (Serie General Universitaria). Barcelona: Edicions Bellaterra.

Research supervision

Currently supervising: