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Academic staff

  • Dr Stephanie Bunn

    Dr Stephanie Bunn

    Senior Lecturer


    Pastoral nomadism, material culture, human-environment relationships, learning and skill, childhood, space and perception, vernacular architecture

  • Dr Tony Crook

    Dr Tony Crook

    Senior Lecturer


    Research on Knowledge practices, ritual, gardening, mining, property rights. Papua New Guinea. Anthropology of Melanesia, knowledge-practices, 'secrecy', male initiation ritual, taro horticulture, anthropological epistemology, impacts of and responses to the Ok Tedi mine (see here for a detailed description) , machine-thinking, perpetual motion, genetic engineering, climate change.

  • Dr Melissa Demian

    Dr Melissa Demian

    Senior Lecturer


    Socio-legal studies, legal anthropology, property theory, temporality, Melanesia, gender, urbanisation, co-operatives and mutualism.

  • Prof Roy Dilley

    Prof Roy Dilley



    Social theory and methodology, West African ethnography; Islam, cosmology and power, craft practice and apprenticeship, politics of knowledge and ignorance, French colonialism, biography.

  • Dr Stan Frankland

    Dr Stan Frankland



    East Africa and Uganda, Hunter Gatherers, Tourism & Development, Myths, Representation

  • Dr Mattia Fumanti

    Dr Mattia Fumanti

    Senior Lecturer


    Regional focus: Namibia, Ghana and African Diaspora in Britain, London. Topical interests include: postcolonial studies, the state, citizenship, elites and education, youth and popular culture, gender, morality, civil society and the public space, religion, diaspora and transnationalism, entrepreneurship and new information technology, ethnographic film-making, mental health and illness narratives.

  • Dr Paloma Gay y Blasco

    Dr Paloma Gay y Blasco

    Senior Lecturer


    Feminist Anthropology, Sex and Gender, Gypsies, Memory, Marginality.

  • Professor Mark Harris

    Professor Mark Harris



    Ethnohistory, historical anthropology, ecological anthropology, the anthropology of embodiment and experience, social science methodology, anthropology of religion, Brazilian Amazon and South America.

  • Dr Mette High

    Dr Mette High



    Mongolia, USA, extractive industries, economic transformations, wealth and value, Buddhism and cosmology.

  • Dr Sabine Hyland

    Dr Sabine Hyland



    Ecuador, Peru, Andes; Inkas; ethnopoetics; historical anthropology; literacy, writing and politics; ancient scripts; Jesuits and Christian missionaries in colonial South America

  • Dr Aimée Joyce

    Dr Aimée Joyce



    Borders, Religion, Material Culture, Art and Anthropology, Postsocialism, Images, the Anthropology of Place and Landscape, Anthropology of Death, and Anthropology of Absence

  • Dr Daniel Knight

    Dr Daniel Knight

    Lecturer and Leverhulme Fellow


    Economic Anthropology, History and Anthropology, European Ethnography, Time and Temporality, Anthropology of the Future, Crisis, Renewable Energy, Mediterranean, Greece.

  • Dr Karen Lane

    Dr Karen Lane

    Lecturer and Evening Degree Coordinator


    Karen Lane conducted ethnographic fieldwork in 2014 in Belfast, Northern Ireland and in London. The 1968-1998 conflict in Northern Ireland, known as the Troubles, has...

  • Dr Christos Lynteris

    Dr Christos Lynteris

    Senior Lecturer


    Medical anthropology, history of medicine, infectious disease epidemics, zoonosis, plague, animal-human relations, medical epistemology, biopolitics, medical visual culture, photography, Global Health, existential risk, colonialism, China, South Siberia, Manchuria

  • Dr Stavroula Pipyrou

    Dr Stavroula Pipyrou



    Italy, Greece, Turkey, Minority Politics, Governance, Displacement, Refugee Identity, Cold War, Civil Society, Kinship and Childhood, Mafia, Silence, Performance and Irony.

  • Professor Nigel Rapport

    Professor Nigel Rapport

    Professor of Anthropological and Philosophical Studies


    Individuality, globalism and cosmopolitanism, symbolic interactionism and conversation analysis, literary and philosophical anthropology, consciousness, identity and narrative; human rights and liberalism; the ethnography of the England, Newfoundland, Israel and Scotland.

  • Dr Raluca Bianca Roman

    Dr Raluca Bianca Roman

    Associate Lecturer


    Degrees: PhD in Social Anthropology, University of St Andrews, Int MA in Nation, History and Society with a specialization in Central and Eastern European Studies,...

  • Professor Christina Toren

    Professor Christina Toren



    Fiji and the Pacific, and Melanesia. Theoretical interests include: exchange processes; spatio-temporality as a dimension of human being; sociality, kinship and ideas of the person; the analysis of ritual; epistemology; ontogeny as a historical process.

  • Dr Huon Wardle

    Dr Huon Wardle

    Senior Lecturer


    The West Indies and modernity, cosmopolitanism, creolisation, comedy and mischief, imagination and perception. Kingston Jamaica.

Honorary staff


Research fellows

  • Dr Sarah Bennison

    Dr Sarah Bennison

    Research Fellow


    Ethnicity, landscape beings, irrigation rituals, oral narratives of water, ethnohistory, local texts

  • Dr Daniel Knight

    Dr Daniel Knight

    Lecturer and Leverhulme Fellow


    Economic Anthropology, History and Anthropology, European Ethnography, Time and Temporality, Anthropology of the Future, Crisis, Renewable Energy, Mediterranean, Greece.

Support staff