Department of Social Anthropology

Prof Peter Gow


Prof Peter Gow

Phone: (01334 46) 2817

Office: 2nd Floor, 71 North Street

Availability: Tuesday 12 - 2pm


Research on myth, history, kinship, aesthetics. Area Speciality: Amazonia.


See also the PURE research profile.

Selected publications


''Cancao Purus': Nacionalizacao e Tribalizacao no Sudoeste da Amazonia, In: Revista de Antropologia. 49, 1, p. 431-464.

'Forgetting Conversation: The Summer Institute of Linguistics Missionaries in the Piro Lived World' In: The Athropology of Christianity. Cannell, F. (ed.). Duke University Press p. 211-239.


'In Amzonia: A Natural History'. In: American Anthroplogist. 107, p. 304-305.


 'The Ritual Use of Ayahuasca'. In: American Anthroplogist. 106, p. 624-624.


''Ex-Cocama': Indentidades em Trandfomacao na Amazonia Peruana'. In: MANA. 9, 1, p. 57-79. 


'Piro, Apurina and Campa: Social Dissimilation and Assimilation in Southwestern Amazonia'. In: Comparative Arawakan Histories: Rethinking Language Family and Culture Area in Amazonia. Hill, J. D. & Santo-Granero, F. (eds.). University of Illinois Press p. 147-170.


An Amazonian Myth ans Its History. Oxford University Press. 338P.


Piro designs: Painting as Meaningful Action in an Amazonian Lived World. In: Journal of the Royal Anthroplogical Institute. 5, 2, p. 229-246.


'Kinship as human consciousness. The Piro Case'. In: MANA. 3, 2, p. 39-65.


'Of Mixed Blood - Kinship and History in Peruvian Amazonia'. Oxford University Press



Research students

Daniel Belik, Mr Sebastian Arze and Michael Southwood

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