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Emilia Skrzypek

Former postgraduate students

Emilia Skrzypek


Thesis/research: 2015. "Stories of the Invisible Mine: Ethnographic Account of Stakeholder Relations at the Frieda River Project, Papua New Guinea"




Academic History: MA (Hons) in Sustainable Development, University of St Andrews, 2008; MRes in Social Anthropology, University of St Andrews, 2009

Research Interests: With a background in Sustainable Development and a strong inter-disciplinary interest in Social Accounting, I am looking at the emergence and negotiation of relations between the Frieda River Mine's host community, the corporation developing the project, the impacted down-river stakeholders and the PNG government. My project analyses the encounters between ideas of knowledge and cosmology through a focus on how personal and social responsibility is conceived by different parties, and how this 'baseline' conceptualization of social relations has informed expectations and subsequent actions. It offers a fine grained examination of the potential that stakeholders on all sides perceive in Sustainable Development programmes and Corporate Social Responsibility policies as vehicles or leverage points for shaping the government, landowner, business and civil society cases currently being formulated and negotiated through formal agreement making and the informal 'social license to operate'.


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