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No. Title Author Year of Publication Price
1 Paradigms in San Martin Quechua Phonology D.W. Howkins out of print  
2 A Study of the Washing Habits of Two Locations in Latin America: Antigua, Guatemala and Huantura, Peru Douglas Gifford 1973 £2.50
5 The Emergence of a Quechua Sub-Culture in the City of Arequipa as the Result of the Phenomenon of Internal Migration from Rural Areas to Urban Areas within Peru Stewart I.M. Adams 1976 £2.50
6 Notes on the Language and Lore of Food in Four South American Agricultural Communities Douglas Gifford   £5
7 The Numerical Hierarchy in Resígaro Trevor R. Allin 1976 £2.50
8 The Situation of Subordination of Women in Guambia in Relation to Certain Aspects of Production and Cosmology Violet Long and Amanda Astudillo 1979 £2.50
9 Three Short Stories in Nahuatl from the Huasteca Region of Mexico Neville Stiles   £2.50
10/11 The Language of Colombian Marihuaneros;
The Art of Language in Lavatory Humour
Violet Long;
Christina Mackenzie
1979 £2.50
12 The Lexical Unit Sonqo "Heart", Its Derivations and Compounds, Use and Treatment in the Quechua Dictionaries Sabine Dedenbach   £5
13 A Huasteca Nahuatl (Hidalgo) Fieldworker's Vocabulary Neville Stiles   £5
14 Cuban Support for Subversion in Latin America 1959-1979 R.I. Baird Fraser 1981 £5
15 Estigarribia and the Chaco War Lida von Schey 1984 £7.50
16 Time Metaphors in Aymara and Quechua Douglas Gifford out of print  
16A Wiracocha and His Possible Representation in the Arts, with Particular Reference to the Textile Arts W. Iain Mackay   £5
17 In the Face of the Kultrún Katherine Boot   £2.50
18 La lengua Callawaya. Apuntes de un cuaderno de campo Jaime Mondaca   £2.50
19 Tradition and Change among the Grass Roots of Callawaya Indigenous Medicine Douglas Gifford and Elizabeth Lancaster   £2.50
20 Estudio de la lengua Guambiana Violet Long 1985 £5
21 Kinship as Cosmology: Potatoes as Offspring among the Aymara of Highland Bolivia Denise Arnold out of print  
22 Peculiarities of Andean Spanish, Dept. of Puno (S.E. Peru) Penelope J. Cutts   £10
23 La merma de la sociedad indígena en Chile central y la ultima guerra de los Promaucaes, 1541-1558 Leonardo León 1991 £10
24 Curso de Aymara: Nuevos materiales para acompañar la gramática Hardman/Vazquez/Yapita Juan de Dios Yapita 1991 £10
25 Una gramática colonial del Quichua del Ecuador Sabine Debenbach-Salazar 1993 £10
26 Vocabulario para saber hablar, y prununciar la Castellana compuesta a la Idioma Aymará: A Colonial Billingual Text in Spanish and Aymara Lucy T. Briggs out of print  
27 Más allá del silencio: Las fronteras de género en los Andes Denise Arnold (Comp.) 1997 £25
28 Gente de carne y hueso: Las tramas de parentesco en los Andes Denise Y. Arnold (Comp.) 1998 £25
29 La lengua de la cristianización en Latinoamérica: Catequización e instrucción en lenguas amerindias Sabine Dedenbach-Salazar and Lindsey Crickmay (eds.) 1999 £25
30 [28bis] Qaraqara-Charka: Mallku, Inka y Rey en la provincia de Charcas (siglos XV-XVII). Historia antropológica de una confederación aymara T. Platt, Th. Bouysse-Cassagne, O. Harris 2006 £40
31 "The Weak and the Strong". Monetary Policies, Spheres of Exchange and Crises of Trust in 19th Century Potosí (Bolivia) Tristan Platt 2008



Abandoned People, Madness and the Untranslatable


George Mentore 2011 £10
33 The Archaeological Encounter: Anthropological Perspectives Paolo Fortis and Istvan Praet (eds) 2011


34 El Tratado de los Errores de Francisco de Ávila en comparación con el manuscrito quechua de Huarochirí: Estudio analítico y transcripción comparativa Sabine Dedenbach-Salazar Sáenz 2016 £17.50

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