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Social Anthropology is a constantly evolving, well-established discipline that asks the fundamental question of ‘what it is to be human’. It seeks to answer this by examining the diverse ways in which human beings establish and live social lives.

At St Andrews we have a distinctive humanities-based focus, worldwide regional expertise along with four internationally recognised research centres. We attach great value to ethnographic fieldwork as one of the primary methods of deepening our knowledge about the world and its various inhabitants.

The subject matter intersects with a broad range of fields, including philosophy, history, classics, theology, languages, literature, economics, international relations, human geography and psychology. Recognising these exciting interdisciplinary continuities, we offer flexible degree programmes in which students can combine Social Anthropology with one of these other disciplines. Some of these are available with an integrated year abroad.

If you are interested in studying Social Anthropology at St Andrews, follow the links below to our undergraduate and postgraduate options. These links will take you to the University of St Andrews where you will find support and advice on how to apply and a more detailed course description: