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Jonathan Alderman
2016. The Path to Ethnogenisis and Autonomy: Kallawaya-consciousness in Plurinational Bolivia

Sebastian Arze
2018.  “Doctors of our Knowledge”: Research and ways of knowing amongst Makushi people in Guyanese Amazonia.

Giovanna Bacchiddu
2007. Gente de Isla – Island People. An Ethnography of Apiao, Chiloe, Southern Chile

Tomi Bartole
2016. ‘The Work of the Heart’: Self-Transformation amongst the People of Awim, Papua New Guinea

Christina Basso
2015. Bridging Worlds: Movement, Relatedness and Social Change in Two Communities of Cartagena de Indias Bay

Daniel Belik
2018.  History of contacts with indigenous groups in the Tapajós region during the rubber boom, and non-indigenous reactions to them

Eleni Bizas
2010. Moving through Dance between New York and Dakar: Ways of Learning Senegalese Sabar and the Politics of Participation.

Carolina Borda Nino
2015. When does incest matter? Ethnic, Class and gender discourses and experiences about father-daughter incest among Quechua and Aymara female patients in a Psychiatric hospital in Bolivia.

Benjamin Bridgman
2017.  Ethics of Economy: Unpacking the Edinburgh Private Rented Sector

Katarzyna Bylow-Antkowiak
2016. ‘Others Before Self’: Tibetan Pedagogy and Childrearing in a Tibetan Children’s Village in the Indian Himalaya

Arran Calvert
2017.  Durham Cathedral: Understanding the dynamics of change and continuity of the Durham community in relation to its cathedral.

Jenny Cardenas
2012. The Cavalry Bolero: Music, Politics and Social Confrontation in Bolivia. Shifting Meanings of a Musical Genre

Daniela Castellanos
2013. Locations of Envy. An Ethnography of Aguabuena Potters

Shuhua Chen
2017.  Making home on the move: an anthropological study of migration in China

Victor Cova
2014. Manioc Beer and the Word of God: Faces of the Future in Makuma, Ecuador

Andreza de Souza Santos
2015. Perceiving and Participating in Cultural Heritage: An Ethnography About The Process of Preservation of Ouro Preto, Brazil

Susan Eldred
2013 New media, fashion, consumption, urban anthropology, personhood and the presentation of self, London

Conrad Feather
2010. Elastic selves and fluid cosmologies: Nahua resilience in a changing world

Jeanne Feaux de la Croix
2010. Moral Geographies in Kyrgyzstan: How Pastures, Dams and Holy Sites Matter in Striving for a Good Life

Sandra Fernandez
2018.  Assessing the production and transmission of social norms in a (post)revolutionary Egypt

Kirsty Ferrier
2018.  ‘Natural’ horsemanship: human-animal interactions

Paolo Fortis
2008. Carving Wood and Creating Shamans: An Ethnographic Account of Visual Capacity among the Kuna of Panama

Sara Friend
2017. Realities of an ‘Orkney Way’: Communicating Perceptions of Renewable Energy in Orkney, Scotland

Pablo Garcia
2015. Social change brought about by tourism in Chinchero (peru), as reflected in the landscape and in the archaeological and material heritage.

Shelene Gomes
2011. The Social Reproduction of Jamaica Safar in Shashamane, Ethiopia

Jan Grill
2012. “On the Margins of the States: Contesting Gypsyness and belonging in the Slovak-Ukrainian-Hungarian Borderlands and in Selected Migration Contexts”

Veronika Groke
2012. “‘Es Una Comunidad Libre’: Contesting the Potential of Indigenous Communities in Southeastern Bolivia”

Lisa Grund
2017.  Indigenous notions and experience of movement; life histories and narratives of journeys; sociality; perceptions of place and time; Makushi; Guyana.

Anna Gustafsson
2014. Working Towards “A Production of Well-being”: An Ethnography on Craftsmanship among the Lulesámi in Norway.

Rosie Harrison
2013 “Yo Soy Aymara, Yo Soy Calle! A Study of Young People Re-Imagining Indigeneity and Resisting Marginalisation in El Alto, Bolivia”

Carina Hemmers
2012. Nyungar Wiring Boodja:Aboriginality in Urban Australia

Christopher Hewlett
2014. Peruvian Amazon; Myth; History; Kinship; Mobility and Perceptions of Time.

Elizabeth Holzhauser
2015. A study of Edinburgh’s tourist industry, focusing on ghost stories, tour structure, and death as a spectacle.

Stacy Hope
2009. Polarities of Difference: How Wapichannao Negotiate Identities within a Creole State

Fiona Hukula
2013.  Gender based violence & masculinity in an urban PNG settlement

Elizabeth Hurst
2018.  ‘Keeping it Tight’: Family, learning, and social transformation in the Southwestern United States.

Gemma John
2009. Relations that Unite and Divide: A Study of Freedom of Information Legislation and Transparency in Scotland.

Ioannis Kallianos
2012. The Subversion of Everyday Life: an anthropological study of radical political practices. The Greek revolt of December 2008

Jonatan Kurzwelly
2017.  Collective Identities and Lifeworlds in Nueva Germania, Paraguay

Hsin-Chieh Kao
2012. “Labour, Life and Language: Personhood and Relations among the Yami of Lanyu”

Philip Kao
2013. Caregiving, Ageing, Personhood, Kinship, and ‘Nursing Home’ Ethnography

Simon Kenema
2015. Mineral resource development and the nature of economic, social and political relations between host communities, the governance institutions and other special interest groups in PNG

Estelle Kennelly
2007. Culture of Indifference: Dilemmas of the Filipina Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong

Daniela Kranz
2009. Shades of Jewishness

Lukasz Krokoszynski
2015. The Infliction of Descent: An Overview of the Capanahua

Karolina Kuberska
2016. The meanings of sobreparto: Postpartum illness and embodiment of emotions among Andean migrants in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Karen Lane
2017.  Everyday narratives of Belfast, cosmopolitanism, literary anthropology, walking the dog.

Sonja Lenk
2008. “By Being Human: An Anthropological Inquiry into the Dimension and Potential of Consciousness in the Context of Spiritual Practice”.

Craig Lind
2010. Placing Paamese: Locating Concerns with Place, Gender and Movement in Vanuatu.

Moises Lino e Silva
2012. “Metafreedom? The Carnivalesque of Freedom in a Brazilian Favela”

Huw Lloyd-Richards
2011. The place that words come from… : an ethnography of Quaker worship practices and their social enactment

Margaret Loney
2018.  Aprender a bailar bajo la lluvia / Learning to dance in the rain: dancing in northern California

Christos Lynteris
2010. Epidemic events : state-formation, class struggle and biopolitics in three epidemic crises of modern China

Margherita Margiotti
2010. Kinship and the saturation of life among the Kuna of Panamá

Máire Ní Mhórdha
2015. ‘Knowing best? An ethnographic exploration of the politics and practices of an international NGO in Senegal’

Laura Obermuller
2016. Guyana and its El Dorados: Forest Resources and the REDD+ Initiative from the Perspective of Wokokoa and Isseruru Villages

Adom Philogene Heron
2017. Fathermen: Predicaments in Fatherhood, Masculinity and the Kinship Lifecourse. Dominica, West Indies.

Anthony Pickles
2013. The Pattern Changes Changes: Gambling Value in Highland Papua New Guinea

Efpraxia Pollatou
2009. Sounds of Satire, Echoes of Madness: Performance and Evaluation in Cefelonia, Greece

Antonio Reyes Valdez
2015. “The Perpetual Return of the Ancestors: An Ethnographic Account of the Southern Tepehuan of Mexico and their Deities”

Juan Rivera Acosta
2017.  Leave Us Alone, We Do Not Want Your Help. Let Us Live Our Lives; Indigenous Resistance and Ethnogenesis in Nueva Vizcaya (Colonial Mexico)

Raluca Roman
2017.  “Kaale Belongings and Evangelical Becomings:  Faith, Commitment and Social Outreach among the Finnish Kaale (Finnish Roma)”

Juan Pablo Sarmiento
2011. KAMETSA ASAIKI: The Pursuit of the ‘Good Life’ In An Ashaninka Village (Peruvian Amazonia)

Griet Scheideman
2006. Performing Diabetes: Balancing between ‘Patients’ and ‘Carers’, Bodies and Pumps, Scotland and Beyond’

Linda Scott
2017.  Teenage Transitions: Adolescent Behaviour and Identification in Scotland

Pardis Shafafi
2015. Secretly Familiar: Public Secrets of a Post Traumatic Disapora”

Elena Sischarenco
2017.  Italian entrepreneurs of the construction business in a time of economic recession: ideas, strategies and movements.

Emilia Skrzypek
2015. “Stories of the Invisible Mine: Ethnographic Account of Stakeholder Relations at the Frieda River Project, Papua New Guinea”

Marta Sokol-Klepacka
2016. The Sense of Belonging and the Migration Trajectories of the Members of the Latin American Community in Edinburgh

Eileadh Swan
2012. Traditional Authority Revisited: Ancestors, Development and an Alternative Tempo-morality in Ho, Ghana

Simone Toji
2016.  Bom Retiro, São Paulo: migration, cosmopolitanism, urban anthropology in Brazil

Jonathan Tracey
2015. Anthropology in the Vernacular: An Ethnography of Doing Knowedge on Choiseul Island, Solomon Islands

Giuseppe Troccoli
2018.  Building Belize City:  Autonomy, Skill and Mobility amongst Belizean and Central American construction workers.

Rodrigo Villagra Carron
2009. The Two Shamans and the Owner of the Cattle: Alterity, Storytelling and Shamanism amongst the Angaite of the Paraguayan Chaco.

Michele Wisdahl
2016. Self-Esteem, Dreams & Indignation: Lessons from and Emerging Middle-Class private High School in Northeast Brazil”

Jing Yang
2015. Construction and representation of identity: a comparative study on football museums

QingQing Yang
2012. Concept of living space in Hutong (traditional courtyard) and High-rise Apartment conducted in Beijing, China