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The Anthropology of the Future

A new book by Dr Daniel Knight and Prof Rebecca Bryant (University of Utrecht) explores orientations to the future. While orientations entail planning toward and imagining the future, they also often involve the collapse or exhaustion of those efforts: moments when hope may turn to apathy, frustrated planning to disillusion, and imagination to fatigue. By examining these orientations at different points, the authors argue for an anthropology that takes fuller account of the teleologies of action.

Cosmopolitan Love and Individuality: Ethical engagement beyond culture

The new book by Professor Nigel Rapport is a quest for an ethic of social recognition and inclusion based on our common humanity rather than our membership in “fictional” social and cultural groupings (nationalities, religions, and ethnicities). Nigel Rapport proposes love as a civic virtue: the glue for social inclusion, and the motivation behind it. Love is understood as the emotional recognition of individual human beings: a public and civil practice, discovering the reality of the individual “Other.” This book is recommended for scholars of anthropology, philosophy, and sociology.

#MeToo is Little More Than Mob Rule vs #MeToo is a Legitimate Form of Social Justice

Dr Stavroula Pipyrou has a new co-edited “Shortcuts collection” in the Journal of Ethnographic Theory.

Medical Anthropology Special Issue “Technologies and Materialities of Epidemic Control”

Medical Anthropology’s special issue on the technologies and materialities of epidemic control, co-edited by Dr Christos Lynteris, aims to unsettle policy-focused medical anthropological gaze, so as to explore the technical arrangements of controlling infectious disease outbreaks as key aspects of the way in which the latter become both platforms for and sites of emergence of political, epistemic and ethical relations.