'To feel upon my back once more, The old red gown.'  R.F. Murray 1863-1893

Welcome to the After Many Days Club

The After Many Days Club is the University's longest-running Alumni Club, pre-dating even the General Council's Alumnus Association. In 1992 it celebrated its 100th anniversary. It had met even before 1892 but was reconstituted in that year and has been going ever since. We now have well over 2000 members worldwide.

Taking its name from the title of a poem about the University by R.F. Murray, the Club invites and encourages alumni to revisit St Andrews, to renew contacts with student friends and, even after many days, to make new friends. In doing so the Club is enabled to raise funds to use for the advancement of all aspects of education within the University and to support cultural and sporting activities too.

Full Life Membership is open to any former student of the University whose first matriculation, at any university, was at least 25 years before the date of application to the Club, and to any past or present member of staff of the University who makes application, for a one-off payment of £25. If you matriculated more recently, but at least 15 years ago, you can become an Associate (non-voting) Member, paying £15.00 and, in due course, when you pass the 25 year test, move to Life Membership for an appropriate incremental fee.

Members meet at least twice a year in St Andrews - for a lunch on the last Saturday of January and for a reunion weekend at the end of Graduation Week in June. The latter starts with the AGM on Friday evening, followed by supper. On Saturday, after the meeting of General Council, there is a lunch with an invited speaker and on Sunday there is the opportunity to worship at the service in Chapel.

Each year the Club sends out a Year Book to all members, containing news, reports of our events and news of members.

We run a Two Hundred Club as our main fund-raiser to enable us to support projects within the University. Of course, for those who do not want to take part in the draw, we are always willing to receive donations towards the work we do.

All eligible matriculants are warmly invited to join After Many Days and help continue its long tradition of bringing folk of common memory back together again, in St.Andrews.