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Service Unit Heads and Senior Officers

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Michael Johnson

Beth Shotton
Business Transformation

Fin Miller
Byre Theatre Liam Sinclair
CAPOD (Centre for Academic, Professional and Organisational Development) Carol Morris
Careers Centre Lorna Dargan
Chaplaincy Rev Dr Donald MacEwan
Chief Legal Officer Roy Drummond
Corporate Communications Niall Scott
Development Robert Fleming
Director of Strategy and Policy Ester Ruskuc
Environmental Health and Safety Services Angus Clark
Eden Campus Geoff Morris
Estates Mark Simpson
Finance Andy Goor
Beki Thomson
Human Resources Mairi Stewart
IT Services Steven Watt
Knowledge Transfer Centre Dr Ewan Chirnside  
Library John MacColl
Museum Collections Unit Dr Helen Rawson
Emma Jane Wells
Music Centre Dr Michael Downes
Planning Laura Knox
Procurement Office Adrian Wood
Registry Marie Noel Earley
Research and Innovation Services Dr Helen Reddy
Residential and Business Services Benjamin Stuart
Saints Sport Stephen Stewart
Student Services Ailsa Ritchie