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Planning Team

The Planning team provides a cross-institutional analytical and reporting service and is responsible for:

  • Supporting the Academic Registrar and the planning function across the institution pro-actively as well as on demand through the supply of appropriate and timely management information.

  • Providing an institutional analytical and statistical service across a wide range of internal and external data sources and purposes. This includes analysing trends here at St Andrews but also comparatively across the whole sector. We also analyse and contextualise reports and data publications from relevant external sources such as student experience surveys (NSS, iGRADUATE, PTES & PRES), league table information, statistical publications and funding council reports.

  • Providing information to enable the institution to respond promptly and robustly to press enquiries, FOI requests and articles, and to promote the University.

  • Maintaining an overview of the statutory returns we make to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), liaising with those responsible for submission, and understanding the onward uses for these returns in the public domain.

  • Working with colleagues and drawing on relevant expertise across the Institution to co-ordinate global and domestic league table and statistical submissions. We also analyse the University’s league table performance and provide advice and recommendations in relation to the improvement or maintenance of excellent league table performance.

We would be very happy to discuss any individual reporting needs you may have and can be contacted via or using the contact details below:

Laura Knox Senior Planning Officer law4 2116
Jonathan McDougall-Bagnall Planning Officer jmb15 2110
Jenni Awang Information Analyst jsa23 2130
Kathryn Browne Information Analyst kb224 7346


Planning Team

Old Burgh School
Abbey Walk
St Andrews
KY16 9LB
Scotland, United Kingdom

Tel: 01334 467350

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