Whitehorn Hall

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Kennedy Gardens
St Andrews
KY16 9DL

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Residential Services Manager   Debbie Lumsden

Deputy Residential Services Manager Dionne Henderson

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Wardennial Team

Whitehorn Hall opened its doors to students for the first time in October 2018. It is named after Katharine Whitehorn, British journalist, writer and columnist and first female Rector of the University of St Andrews from 1982 to 1985.

The new building is four-storey high, adjacent to University Hall in Kennedy Gardens and located very near the Sports Centre. It is only a 15-minute walk from the town centre.

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  • Furnished single bedrooms.
  • Shared kitchen facilities between 5 residents.
  • Communal areas include a main social space, games room, cinema room, private dining room, music room and study rooms with access to communal facilities at University Hall including a computer room, three commons rooms, games room, music room, two libraries, a senior study room and laundry.
  • 37 week contract includes inter semester vacation.
  • Inter semester vacation is on a self-catered basis for en-suite catered rooms.
  • All bed sizes are small double (4' wide - 120cm)
  • 2 wheelchair accessible rooms.

Residence Fee 2023/24

UK RPI (all items) which is the main measure we use to set the rents, was at the time of setting the rents in September 2023 8.5%. To support this below RPI increase, RBS has been asked to consider some changes to services. Housekeeping arrangements in traditional halls will change from September 2024, staff will clean shared bathrooms and kitchens (unless they are part of a flat) as well as corridors and other public areas.  Bedrooms will not be cleaned and students will be responsible for disposing of rubbish and recycling.  In line with ensuite accommodation, monthly cleanliness and safety checks will be carried out.


  • Single standard rooms: 87
  • Single en-suite catered rooms: 97 (including 2 wheelchair accessible rooms)

Catering for ensuite catered rooms

  • 19 catered meals per week
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served on weekdays
  • Breakfast and lunch on weekends
  • Student catering menu
  • Catered students will dine at University Hall

Hall Information

Whitehorn Hall offers both self-catered standard and catered en-suite undergraduate accommodation.

Rooms are situated along corridors, with generous kitchens with dining and lounge area dotted along the corridors. Each kitchen is shared between 5 students, all 5 being either catered or self-catered.

All the bedrooms are allocated as single occupancy and have their own shower room for the en-suite rooms or have shared facilities of 2 shower rooms for 5 students.

For undergraduate students, Whitehorn Hall offers:

  • 94 single catered en-suite rooms with small double beds (4’ wide – 120cm). Two of those rooms and their associated kitchen/lounge have been designed with wheelchair access in mind.
  • 90 single self-catered standard rooms with small double beds (4’ wide – 120cm).


Whitehorn Hall is located within the grounds of University Hall on the western side of town and backs onto the Sports Centre as well as the North Haugh. From here, you are only a 15-minute walk to the centre of town and local amenities, and only a 20-minute walk to the beautiful West Sands beach as well as the Old Course golf links.  Many students choose to use bikes to travel around campus to save money on public transport, live a healthy lifestyle, and contribute to sustainability. A large secure bicycle shelter will be provided at Whitehorn Hall.


Our brand new building will offer various facilities for students to use for studying and/or socialising.

Main social space - A large open space on the ground floor will be fitted with an assortment of tables, chairs, sofas for relaxing, socialising, holding events and informal studying.

Games Room - A large room with some seating and various games for relaxing anytime.

Cinema Room - An informal room with a large TV screen and comfortable seating.

Private Dining Room - A room with a fitted kitchen and tables and chairs that residents will be able to book for their own special event like a birthday party or simply to share a special meal with friends.

Music Room - A sound insulated room to allow residents to practice their own musical instruments individually or with a small group.

Study Spaces - As well as informal study areas on the ground floor, dedicated group study rooms are available on the first floor of the building, equipped with data points and an assortment of whiteboards and TV screens to assist students with their presentation work. Further study rooms are available on each floor of the building for formal or informal studying.

Kitchen/Lounges - Each kitchen/Lounge will be allocated to 5 students, even to students on catered contracts. The kitchen area will be equipped with an induction cooking hob, an oven, a large fridge/freezer, a microwave, a kettle and a generous amount of storage cupboards. A table and chairs or bench will provide a convivial dining area and sofas and coffee table will allow students to relax in their small community. A TV will be provided in the lounge area although it will be the students’ responsibility to purchase a TV licence should they wish to use the TV.

Laundry - The laundry room will be equipped with washers and dryers which are card-operated. You can buy a card from the card dispensers in the main foyer of University Hall (to be checked) which you pre-load with credit via an online portal. A top-up machine is also located in the laundry room.  An adjacent Drying Room will provide ironing facilities.

Accessible Bedrooms - Two bedrooms have been designed to allow full accessibility for disabled/wheelchair users. Those rooms are larger than other bedrooms, are fitted with suitable furniture and have large ensuite shower rooms. The kitchen/lounge allocated to those rooms are also fully accessible and fitted with an adapted cooking area. All floors of the building are accessible through lifts and each floor has an accessible public toilet.

Whitehorn Hall is adjacent to University Hall and the residents of each hall will be free to share each other’s facilities – social spaces, games rooms etc. The University Hall Committee and extended Wardennial team will organise events to encompass both buildings and create a strong community feel. The management team of University Hall will also be extended to take Whitehorn Hall under their umbrella of responsibilities.

Catered students from Whitehorn Hall will be taking all their meals in the Dining Room of University Hall, with the University Hall catered students.