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David Russell Apartments

Buchanan Gardens
St Andrews
KY16 9LY

+44 (0)1334 46 7100

Residential Services Manager Lynsey Martin

Deputy Residential Services Managers Laura Sutherland, Sam Todd, Clair Waterhouse

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Further Information

Wardennial Team

DRA FP Site map (PDF, 120 KB)

DRA is a modern complex, completed in 2004. It is conveniently located for the University Sports Centre and various Science buildings on the North Haugh.

DRA offers the feel of private accommodation, with the comfort of knowing that support, help and advice is available when needed. DRA is unique in having its own bar.

  • David Russell Apartments
  • David Russell Apartments
  • David Russell Apartments
  • David Russell Apartments
  • David Russell Apartments
  • David Russell Apartments
  • David Russell Apartments


  • Bedroom with en-suite bathroom facilities in a shared 5-bedroom apartment
  • Catered and self-catered options, with meal cards also available
  • Shared kitchen facilities
  • Communal facilities include computer room, activities room, music room, common room, laundry facilities, and a bar
  • Car Parking available
  • Contract includes Christmas and Spring vacation on a self catered basis
  • Bed sizes are shared room single bed, single room double bed
  • Green Building for returning students

For more information about life in David Russell Apartments please visit the residence webpage

Residence Fee 2021/22


  • Single en-suite rooms: 1109 (834 undergraduate, 275 postgraduate)
  • Shared en-suite rooms: 12 (undergraduate only)

Catering (these meals are for term time only)

  • 14 catered meals per week
  • Breakfast and dinner is served weekdays
  • Breakfast and lunch on weekends
  • Student catering menu
Meal Times Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Monday-Friday 8am - 9.30am n/a 5.30pm - 7pm
Saturday & Sunday 8am - 10.00am 12 noon - 1.30pm n/a

Construction of new secondary school

Work on the construction of the new secondary school will continue in the site adjacent to DRA and FP for the academic session 2020-21.  Once we receive updated information from Fife Council the webpage will be updated.



Remedial work Fife Park buildings: Cathedral, Chariots, Muchross, Kilrule, Riggs and Monaid

As a defect has been discovered in the design of the above shower rooms, small leaks under shower trays, the University is working with a contractor to rectify these defects.  While it doesn't affect the working order of the showers, remedial works will have to be carried out.  The work will take 2 weeks per flat and there will be a level of noise disruption.  The timing of the works and further details will be communicated to the occupants of the flat in advance.