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The St Andrews’ living experience

At St Andrews we believe that your residence is more than just a place to stay; it is a place to live. Perhaps you dream of playing the piano in an oak panelled library, or donning your University gown for a top table dinner with the Warden. Maybe a cheese and wine evening, or attending a hall ball will be what you remember from your time in halls.

Alternatively, your social life may include gaming, film nights, relaxing in the gardens, or a game of pool. Whatever your interests the range of communal areas and facilities in our residences ensures we have something to suit everyone.

There are also computer rooms, libraries and quiet study areas available in our residences that we hope you will take advantage of.

Supporting the living experience

Your residential experience is supported by a Wardennial Team who take responsibility for encouraging a sense of community and are your key contacts within the residence. They actively encourage you to join in with your fellow residents organising game nights, activities and excursions.

Wardennial teams will be the first point of call if a health crisis occurs, or if you have a personal problem. They keep order and are responsible for student discipline. Although in no way are they in loco parentis, their roles are as mentors, advisers and supporters.

The Wardennial team work alongside the Residence Management team who look after the fabric and furnishings of the residence and also ensure the smooth running of the cleaning service.

Hall committees

The students in each residence elect a Senior Student and a Hall Committee who take on the responsibility of looking after the social life of the residence, organising BBQs, receptions and balls, and representing student opinion to the Residential Services Managers.

The Hall Committee therefore plays an important role in welcoming Freshers into their communities, and fostering a sense of belonging, with some residences producing their own Guide to St Andrews to complement The Book, the comprehensive guide produced by the Students’ Association.